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    I know from the title of this article you may be a little weary of this but im gonna explain what this means and why it would be great

    this rule would mean requiring players to make an entrance to their base and a way for raiders to access that entrance outside of a siege

    why this would be a good idea

    currently everyone lives in underground bunkers making it impossible to raid them if their claim is big enough (besides by in siding but that may takes months or even years) this is a massive problem for a pirate server as it makes one of the key features of being a pirate unavailable
    deckhands and cadets rarely know how the server works so it makes them targets since their base isn’t underground so outlawing this would mean a more likelihood of deckhands staying
    getting rid of the need to siege someone to get in a base could make it so you dont need the to find a new siege plugin
    defenders would probably end up trapping their base making redstone more valuable
    bases wouldn’t need to be griefed to get in making the map look better

    the biggest problem i see with this suggestion is going to be the moderation of it as some players obviously wont follow this and may change their base as soon as they see moderation around them
    another thing this wont really help is when raiding people you cant get most of their loot because its locked by chest

    ps this would fit perfectly with no tpa as you wont be able to just spam raid someone because it gives them time to make preparations when you leave their base to stash loot

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

    Shivendra (ContDJ)
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    My Honest Opinion: I do not think this is possible since the only thing it will result to is usage of /bdm doors, they can be toggled without any buttons or pressure plates and players will just use /toggledoor(or if they enforce the use of power blocks?), and also it might be a little hard for staff to make sure about this with every base or punish players every time this happens.

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    sorry but one of the most stupid and hardest suggestion to implement

    Sincerely Tulips

    - Honest, friendly and peaceful Citizen of Piratecraft

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