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    Holla pirates, Godsy especially.  T hast cometh to mine own attention recently yond some claimeth the economy to beest lacking valor as things art starting to did cost v’ry dram, this is evident by the multiple markets selling things such as diamonds f’r as dram as 5 dollars and god sets costing as dram as 900 dollars in some shops.  So h’re is mine own most wondrous suggestion, restock elytras at warp cove.  H’re art some examples as to wherefore this is a valorous idea, and shall benefit the s’rv’r.


    1.  This action shall taketh out hundreds of thousands of dollars from the economy, allowing valuables to becometh valuable again.


    2.  This shall increaseth the pirate-y lifestyle yond this s’rv’r adv’rtises, as people with elytras art much m’re enthusiastic about sieges instead of being peaceful, since the multiple thousand hath met’r trippeth requires to receiveth to enemies shall taketh significantly less amount of timeth, making besieging less of a hassle.


    3.  T wouldst giveth m’re incentive f’r playeth’rs to pvp, since playeth’rs shall targeteth oth’r playeth’rs in desires of reaping that gent most wondrous reward yond is an elytra.


    4.  T hast been five months since the lasteth restock, while t tooketh four months f’r the elytras to beest restock’d lasteth timeth.


    5.  Ev’rybody loves elytras, those gents’re just excit’ment.  Simple as yond.



    i und’rstand yond these points has’t most likely been hath brought up by many oth’rs in the past 5 months, but this timeth i’m back’d by an admin so t means m’re. kind of

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