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    So you might look at the title and think “Bro, this is in the wrong section, should go into the Unban requests.” However, my friend had already made an unban request a couple of years ago linked down below. He was told by the owner himself that he was unbanned from the server, unfortunately, this is not true. Was wondering if he was able to be unbanned, his previous username was kingofsaints99 (the account belonged to my brother) and is now known as _Haychee_. I apologise if this post should go into the unban request to which I would do so if requested by a member of staff.

    The link to the previous forum can be found here: https://piratemc.com/topic/request-for-user-unbanning/?no_frame=1#post-32154

    And proof that the user is still banned has been attached.

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    If you could try and encourage him to file a request, thatd be great.

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    If you could try and encourage him to file a request, thatd be great.

    As per kingofsaints00 and the forum post that he linked, the player’s appeal has already been approved. It is just a matter of unbanning him in game that has not happened.

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