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    Your Excellency,

    Apologies for the briefness of our initial letter. As Grand Master of the Order of St. Nicholas and St Jacob (O.N.J.), I am writing in hopes of forming a mutually beneficial alliance to whom, as an Englishman, I could only ask of another. Our extreme youth undermines our ability yet not our potential. Within four days, our traveling knights (2 at the moment) have landed on the Isle of Alba and have erected a Manor complete with a reasonably sized farm. Only later did we realise the Island is occupied by ‘MelonIsNotAFruit’ to the North East, with his tower of Mordor floating in the Sea at the South East. We are happy to provide services when required, such as supplies, and military service when required; in return we ask for the acknowledgment of our rightful legitimacy and protection. We will be verified within a week, and will soon become affluent in our resources. In the face of pirates and robbers, honour is rare a far between, we have yet to make true rivalries or allies, we hope you do us the honour by being our first ally. Every chivalric order requires a princely patron, and on this map there be no authority other than the British King and Parliament to whom we swear our oaths did knights of old. We hope you will find our proposal as satisfactory to accept as it is honouring for us.

    By the Grace of Christ,

    His Grace, Lord Louis Nicholas, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of St Nicholas and Jacob of Alba.

    P.S. Please contact us if in need of further information. Looking forward to your reply.

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