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    I know in suggesting this ima get alot of flak but I think there are alot of people who also agree with what im about to say

    I think we should get rid of TPA for 2 reasons
    1. make ships useful imagine sailing the open seas to get to your ally who just got sieged or to barter with a nearby person
    2. makes sieges more fun because if manage to kill one of the people sieging you they cant come back in 2 minutes or if you kill a defender they cant tpa back in either

    We should also remove Shops and shop warps so that way ports are usefull and that way someone could get attacked on there way to trade with people and get there loot stolen making it far more pirate like

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

    Shivendra (ContDJ)
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    I think instead of removing player tpa it would be better to make it ranged, however ships are not really fast or ideal to use because of how clustered the piratecraft Sea is, but if a smaller boat with a faster speed (faster than vanilla boats) is added that would be great

    I also think that shop and other warps should not be removed because it entirely changes a part of how the server works and it doesn’t really matter much in my opinion

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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