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    My Username: UkaiNejasaki
    Coordinates: -6497, 47, 1766
    Approximate Regen radius: 58X58
    Reason: I believe there to be a monument here.  My crew have claimed the area, and built a retaining wall of where I believe the monument to lie.  If possible, I’d like the wall to remain but if I had to choose, then I’d rather have the monument than the wall.  Ultimately, I aim to keep this monument intact, though I do plan on draining the water from it and reworking some interior features to better suit our needs.
    (opt) Map link: https://map.piratemc.com/?worldname=PirateCraft_1&mapname=surface&zoom=7&x=-6508&y=64&z=1765

    sabrina (lazydog11)
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    i dont think we are going to regen a hole monument, there is just to much stuff in it.  i wil discus this with other staff  first.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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