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    The SeaGulls are looking to recruit active members of the pirate craft community. The Gulls are headed by a great core of individuals who love to use voice communication software and have fun while playing pirate craft. Please note you can always ask Gull Leaders in game if you are interested in joining.

    Here is the forum recruitment form if you are interested in joining.

    1) Do you prefer to live in a box, castle, or hole?

    2) Are you experienced in the art of bow spamming, chugging crapples, or jitterclicking and if you answer yes; are you willing to undergo rigorous training in the pvp ways?

    3) Do you have discord and if so can you get it?

    4) Fish or Watermelon?

    5) What timezone your in?

    6) Will you beat Jammin_Mas in the monthly beer chugging contest?

    7) If you are running on the beach and are attacked by a flock of seagulls do you A) Hand them the french fry hanging out of your back pocket? B) Try to outrun them? or C) Hop in the car 50 meters away?

    Attached are some fun pictures gathered with the crew…

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    A endermite kicked my ass

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