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    in my opinion the ranks are to difficult to get. i mean i must play 3 days to get cannons thats too much :/ just imagine you have a harbour a crew and everything but you cant build a warship because you havent the rank :/


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    Yeah i mean who would play 30 days to get boatswain… Oh wait i did…

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁

    Alex Lazescu
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    People forget that this is a Survival MC Server with a Basis In Pirate Style/Oriented PvP. What I did when I was ranking: was I just ignored the ranks. When I first ranked up it was literally a shock to me.. I played the  server and just kept the ranks out of my mind: so as I just played MC I ranked up too… most of the rank req. are simple things that can be gotten without really wanting too; kills,exp, blocks broken/placed… if you think about it: you get all those things easily when your playing Survival MC. So just try not to dwell too much on the ranks..

    Retired Pirate 6/25/14 -- 6/15/15

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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