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    I had a few ideas on something we could do once siege is back up and running

    one idea was that all blocks would be destructible by different types of cannon rounds but they would regen over time so people couldn’t grief

    another idea was forcing bases to be above ground for at least 50% of it so people dont hide underground making the siege pluggin useless in the first place.

    my third idea was that if your in a war with a crew you either are at constant siege with the rival crew or always have access to there redstone

    my final idea was always require bases to have a door into the base so if you do manage to kill them behind there 20 block thick walls you could get actually get inside

    these are just a few ideas I have it think it would help greatly with the piratey feel of piratecraft

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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