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    i feel like tping in people with during the loot time of a siege should not be allowed

    the reason i feel like this is because on my last 3 raids Ive had someone tp in a person in god every time im looting giving me no chance to loot it just sucks when you finally manage to kill someone and someone tps with god in so you cant get anything during the siege is a different story i think you should be able to tpa a maximum of 3 times for a person to get in that  just my opinion but i feel like this would change a lot for example when i was fighting carstendb i won against the siege and when I won after like an hour of waiting for the time to strike i killed him when he was most vulnerable and got the siege than he just tped in kobace and he had god on with event items and just destroyed us i feel like this would fix alot for raiding or even you just cant tpa someone within 100 blocks of the property or even you just have to give them a 20 second warning or something in chat

    all of this would fix the pain it is to raid people honestly it would feel more like a pirate server if your allies had to boat to you or something that would fix that


    also minor suggestions is any block is breakable with enough cannon shots like 25 cannon shots destroys brick while 50 destroys obsidian

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

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    Blocking TP during siege time is a legitimate suggestion.

    One thread per suggestion, don’t try and bundle multiple things in one.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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