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    Hey what’s up people I’d like to share my idea about a PvP Tournament. I have written this quickly and surely there are things that can be improved, all kinds of constructive criticisms are appreciated.

    First of all I can say that the arena in the server is good, anyway I would add some more floor for players who prefer distance combats.

    The groups that will be created at the beginning are 2 players (1vs1). To make a “mini tournament” we could make 4 groups of 2 players (8 participants in the tournament). If you wanted to get bigger it could be 8 groups of 2 players (16 participants in the tournament).

    Tournament Rules (Can be changed):
    – The first pirate to reach 3 battles won will go to the next round. 5 battles won for the final round.
    – The equipment will be delivered by the administrators in order not to cheat.
    – The event can take 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, depending on the players who have to fight if they are online.

    Equipment for battles (Can be changed):
    – an iron helmet
    – an iron chest
    – an iron leggings
    – an iron boots
    – a shield
    – a wooden sword (Sharpness 3)
    – a bow
    – 32 arrows
    – a golden apple
    – 16 cooked chicken

    Finally I’m going to say that with this tournament I don’t seek rivalry between players, it’s just an event to have fun and do something different. Thanks for read and see you in-game!

    Best regards by Symbolical3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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