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    <p>>Hello, I have some suggestions for the server which would make the gameplay better. – Pearl Cooldown; I remember there used to be something like this that didn’t let you throw another pearl if the one already thrown didn’t land, and sadly this plugin got removed/broke(?). I’m suggesting that we add a 15 second (or more) pearl cooldown so people can’t just pearl spam and be able to escape from any situation. -Anti Combat log; The server already has a combat tag plugin, but the thing is people usually pearl spam away and wait till the 15 seconds of combat tag run out so they can combat log safely. An anti combat plugin that spawns an NPC with the inventory of a person who logged out the server without typing in /logout and waiting till the 30 seconds (or less) log out delay expires so they can be logged safely. This would avoid combat loggers and deaths caused by the Anti Cheat, since when you get kicked you can re-join back where your NPC was since it doesn’t instantly kill you after -Tough blocks in siege; There a few ‘soft’ blocks on the siege list, like planks and coblestone, but some blocks like wood/coblestone stairs and slabs aren’t soft. This enables people make bases out of coblestone/wood stairs and slabs, and this doesn’t make sense since slabs are cheaper than full blocks. Blocks like melons, pumpkins, all crops, and farmland blocks should be implemented in the soft block siege list as well since they contain an obtainable item (ie Melon blocks break into melon food). I hope you’ll take in consideration my \:D|.</p>

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