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    I think every year for 1 day we should have a purge day where we unban 5 random people. at the end of the day players would vote on who they want back or they could vote to have no one come back. Also during this day everything besides hacks are allowed. Of course this is only one day so players who dont want to be be part of this event can just not show up that day.

    this is very silly idea I understand but I think it could be a fun way to give players another chance who really changed

    the 5 players would have to apply and could not have done the following

    1. been banned within 3 days of their joining
    2. Have to be banned for more than a year
    3. Could not have been banned more than 20 times
    4. could not have been a participant of the purge more than 3 times

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

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