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    Hi there people of PC,

    I have been side tracked very much so on other builds , wars, and dedicating services to other crews when the situations on our homeland are under utter and total confusion. So I figured Ill clear up all the confusion here and inform you all on what the Queen has been up to.

    Gondolin was a copycat?

    I saw the design of a maker online who step by step broke down the construction of Gondolin so those who wanted to build a city could build one and this city was meant for land use but I made it in the middle of a sea which was not the best choice for the main reason ships can enter no matter the obstacle. Anyways Gondolin was a temporary gap for a moment in the empire for mainly housing.

    Will Evermoor V.2 ever come out to the public?

    Reason for major inactivity as well was because I was completely changing the building style I had revolved around for years and wanted to make the new city which is TBA for the name. I will most defiantly be starting towards the end or mid summer  on the new city. Reasons for many cities being built around the world were for 2 main reasons, A. No one makes builds or ancient markings or sites anymore. B. Each city I made was a test level to see how I felt on each style and if I wanted that to be in my city. The New Evermoor has been the hardest thing of my life because the location has to fit the theme of the city and it has to have outstanding geographical features like no other in this realm which is what makes Evermoor itself stand out.

    Did the Elven Empire die off?

    To be totally honest I had NO idea the leadership would cripple so fast to let the empire fall below the line and im going to admit it is shocking. Nevertheless I have been in horrible situations as most of you know plenty of times, this is not even the worst by far. I will be returning home and sorting things out to keep our elven influence heavy and our people satisfied.


    Everything in a sense has gotten off course a little but will be fixed Asap. As usual this old bitter queen is running an empire to yet again make it great than it has ever been. So when people ask why I am in power for so long, its because A. This is my work it has been the biggest creation I have ever made in my life of years of work and history just astounds me. Came to my attention I am the oldest living monarch on the server which is actually pretty darn cool. Reason as to why I keep such a tight grip over everything is because I love everyone who joins the empire and will give them my trust unless proven wrong. Many people have abused that but it comes with the job.

    Speaking up for the Empires

    Empires here were never meant to be power houses but to be the jelly of the hardcore pirate warfare. The empires are the reason 2/3 of these players are here today. If you look at MOST powerful or well known players here they have a root in rather the British or Elven Empire. KarimNaba was originally an elf as a decky shocking right lol. Bottom line lay off of the empires, they are never going to die, of course they will get very quiet but they are just as part of the server as pirates are lol. If the Elven and British empire were never created the entire shape and history of this server would never be the same. Outlaws war would have never happened, CoV war would have never happened nor the great BE vs EE war. We do our part and play our roles proud! Whatever hate you pirates may hate against empires too bad and suck it up.

    Anyways that is all for today. May the stars shine in your favor this evening!

    -HMS The Queen

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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