PSA: If you have an issue create a Support Ticket with actual infromation in it.

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    This is a public service announcement to remind people if you have an issue, to actually create a Support Ticket, I call this a Report most of the time, its the same thing.

    you HAVE to actually give as much detailed information as possible and do not be vague and write click bait titles to get “likes”.

    Very basics:

    • Post your username in the ticket, 90% of support tickets don’t even have their username posted.
    • If you change your username regularly, we do not know who you are post your UUID.
    • Post a time and date of EXACTLY when you had your issue, this can then be searched for in the logs and other admin tools we have. DO NOT say “Some time last week/days ago.”
    • Post proof, Create a video.
    • Show us how to reproduce the issue, or if you have any theory’s on how/why its happening technically. This can then be sent to developers to fix your “issue”.


    And for the love of god, read the changelogs.

    For instance, if I say “I have backdated the anti-cheat“, this means I have had to backdate it due to a severe error or issue with the current latest version.


    put an earlier date to (a document) than the actual one.

    This means that its running an older version.

    Please make sure to READ the changelogs and the MOTD, I will always post vital information there and also to the Discord Announcements channel.

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    Sorry Ill check next time (I didnt even know I posted the original reply to this @_@ lol )

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    Omg IM SORRY! Next time ill check I promise! ? Love u #HoneyBun


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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