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    Didn’t see any similar suggestions over a few pages here, ill try to keep it short and sweet.

    Private custom named chat channels. ex: /c join <name>. Anyone whose played a fair bit here knows people jump crews often as pirates jump ships. Often friends made are not in /c or /a chat. Additionally during larger battles or raids sometimes /a can be to diverse in eyes for proper teamwork and efficiency. Had a thought it may be nice to be able to have private channels that could allow regular side conversation with groups who may not be linked through /a /c.

    I haven’t handled plugins in years so I don’t know what it may entail, I would like to believe this would be simple to manage. It could even perhaps be a restricted privilege say donators can make 1 channel at a time etc.

    Short an sweet, this is my idea. I leave it open to the thoughts of the community and of course Godsy, for input or perhaps approval.


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    I still think out current chat is too confusing for new people, so far we have:

    1. Private message
    2. Global chat
    3. Ally Chat
    4. Crew chat

    Staff also have

    1. Staff chat
    2. Spy chat

    Im already wary this is too confusing for new players, they usually understand global & msg off the bat, everyone can reply to them there too, crew chat takes some learning.

    Now our chat plugin does have channels, I have previously in the past mentioned wanting to have channels such as:

    1. Trade channel
    2. Event channel
    3. Help channel
    4. 1 to 1 channel for staff & helping a single player out

    The problem is, what would happen is exactly what you just said, friends would not use them correctly.

    This is why we have Discord and Teamspeak, whats nice about teamspeak is you can event overlay in game with

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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