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    Taking a look at priest_milik’s punishment tracker, I see the following: he’s had 7 warnings, 2 mutes, and he’s on his fourth ban. From my and others’ personal experiences he has been toxic in general and private chat (which he received warnings for), cheated with /back, and committed other agitating behavior. He lied about all these things afterwards, putting staff through needless time and trouble. He’s been warned by staff and players alike about /back 500 times and he still hasn’t figured out that it’s illegal.

    After all these offenses, I figured he would’ve gotten a longer ban then 7 days. I’d like to ask why he’s only been banned for that duration. I’m not questioning a staff decision, I’m just curious about why that was the case.


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    I have to agree with anandak. I think the community as a whole is wondering the same thing.

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    He’s very mean. And I agree. He curses alot and I saw some people kill him to get him out and then 20 seconds later he is back. So he has to have used /back. He abuses /back.

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    He set his home near TNRR teretory and is constantly harrasing uss

    The turtles will rise...


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    He set his home near TNRR teretory and is constantly harrasing uss

    Then make a report on him 😀

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    @Turseturle do exactly what WaterPool said, the more people who complain and produce evidence- please do NOT be like other people in the last few weeks who post reports on people with little or no proof and expect something to happen.

    Make sure you familiarise yourself with the ingame screenshot button (which is F2 or Fn+F2 on some systems) and hit the little ‘link’ which comes up, that way you can have a link to said images and then later on upload them to the website- though I would recommend uploading them to Imgur (but if you don’t have an account, make one) that way you can post all the screenshots together in a slide show format on the forums and people can easily see your proof (if you need help, ask a forum moderator- like me, to put the Imgur link in for your evidence).

    Apart from that- make sure you get that evidence in and record (like write down time and date) EVERY time something like this occurs like you say it does- also don’t tell the guy your reporting him or screening him- self explanatory. Because if it is a ‘one time thing’, then its not a ban-able thing. They also need to be breaking a rule also.

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