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    My Username: Pjeturr

    Player Being Reported
    Username: Hampusgt
    UUID: d7a5d38d961d4ca0be683e96a094312e
    Punishment Tracker URL: Empty

    Reason for Report
    Breaking BOTM rules, Cheating in January BOTM

    Overview Description of Report
    In the January Build of the Month competition our dear Hampusgt participated in the event (together with DeimosWreck, but after questioning him he was unkowingly involved in these actions). He entered with a nice looking fort (named: fort coconut) next to his beautiful ship “The Emereld Queen” and won the first place. I am used to scroll a bit on pinterest and on this day, the 28th of February, I found it. The building on PirateMC named “Fort Coconut” is a copy of a build posted on PlanetMinecraft with the .schematic file to be able to copy the build.

    Detailed Information
    – Knowingly using someone elses design to participate in a PirateMC BOTM.

    – Assumable making use of the MOD schematica to remake the building on the PirateMC server.

    – Lack of screening in the BOTM for original builds.

    Gothic Castle (Now with download) Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com)

    Thank you all for taking your time to read this report.

    And then they heard the sound of a thousand bells ringing...

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    As this involves me as well i would like to express my point of view and what i know after doing some questions and research.

    First, it can’t be denied this isnt a copy of the mentioned builds (actually it isnt a exact copy theres some tweaks but still), i would like to clarify some things though, wasnt Hampus’ idea to submit this builds, as it was mine but i didnt know this wasnt his design (yes, i should have asked or did some research, thats my fault), i talked to Hampus and he affirmed to not use schematica, having said this i would like to say that i apologize and i would accept and respect the decission BOTM managers take.

    Yours sincerely


    Current DDoSer

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    Thanks, this has been passed onto the moderation team.

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