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    At the moment i am creating an inn at my soon to be town (Not yet finished) and i wanted to ask about code.  If there is or would be a way i could  make a board on the first floor that gives said player the choice to pay — for a day in one room.  opening the room to them and making the sign tell others this room is taken, the others open to be used.


    Is this possible i would love it if someone could help me out a little.

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    Something like this used to be possible but no, not anymore.

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    you could do something similar to this.but it be too big in redstone…..if you wanna go for it anyways heres a small idea:


    you can make a sign  activate a machine.the machine could open a piston door that has a normal door behind it.a clock that will circle around the place for 1 minecraft day could be made .to sinel that the room is taken there would be a lamp that’s activated will this is happening. and if you do this  it could only be truly save if you had a enderchest inside and a bed.



    heres a more simple idea:

    theres this sign that lest you activate a machine.what the machine does is open a staircase that taskes you to the room,this  opening will only lasta few seconds…..after that a piston will remove the block that allows it to be reactivated.once that happens a clock will activate this will last 1 minecraft day and then another piston will reinstall that block and the machine could be note this machine is still gonna be huge…..but its  as simple as it gets wit out a plugin or a mod….


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    There was a majour bug in the plugin we used to sell plots to people with so I had to sadly remove it, it still hasn’t been updated.

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