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    Hello i was banned a few days ago.. I’ve been working on a way to get a Account, And this is litteraly the last server for me GodsDead Please Take me back, i will even donate if thats what it takes! Ive brought so many to this server and many more will come.. Yes i did try to cheat the Arena but the rules said nothing about it.. I’m on my knees i ask you humble to take me back <3  Please GodsDead take me back.. i will Never EVER cheat,, is this the last server raiming for me.. Please you will save my life! <3 Im begging GodsDead <3


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    If you want to get unbanned, you have to realise that A) You did something wrong, and have some sort of proof you have changed. B) Don’t beg, Its stupid . C) You were banned for a reason, maybe the server is better of without you. Anyway, begging really doesn’t work, find another server. If what you say is true, and you have been banned from other servers, what makes you think you’re wanted here?

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    I have changed. How is the server better off without me? I did not commit any crimes i was about too but even if i did It was not in the rules.. I have never been banned before.

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    i Will even Donate if thats what it takes.


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    Donating is not going to make a blind bit of difference as to whether you get unbanned or not…

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    Hi @ARLONG

    I was not the memeber of staff that banned you, Neither was I on when you broke the rules.

    There is a reason we do not have a ban appeal here, That is because people do not change, we have given many many many people second chances and it has 100% always backfired on us.

    If you do not follow the very basic rules, you are not welcome on PirateCraft.

    If you wish to fight this, your single and only chance of an appeal depends on if Iamthereaper89 thinks the punishment was too harash and decides to make it less, But that is entirely up to him, begging and offering donations will not sway for an unban.

    Punishment checker URL:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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