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    I was playing on the server a lot this weekend and the past two days and every morning when I go on I’ve lost about 5-12 hours of playtime for rank up and 3000-5000 blocks broken in /stats! I really want to rank up to sailor, but this keeps hapening and it is making it impossible for me to do please help me my IGN is RyanandCole999. I really want to continue to play on the server, but this glitch makes it a lot less fun since I should already have sailor. Please help me.



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    This has been happening and piratecraft’s stats are broken. Don’t worry, staff are continuing to work on this situation.&


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    So Keto can staff give me the Sailor rank? You can look in the server logs for the times I was on and it will prove that i got the 24 hours of on time. If you need me to and there is any way of doing it I’m willing to prove that I broke the 10,000 blocks just please I really want to get Sailor especially since I did the requirements.

    Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                 RyanandCole999

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    We do not hand out ranks, sorry.

    We are aware of the issue. We have contacted the developer of the plugin but as of yet do not have a resolution.

    I know this is frustrating. It’s frustrating for everyone who plays.

    I only know of two possible solutions. You can be patient, or you can donate to a desired rank.

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    @MCShovel is this also why the stats and punishment checker don’t work on the website?

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    @mcshovel is this also why the stats and punishment checker don’t work on the website?

    No, those web applications are hosted on a different server, the database that holds the information is on our dedicated server.

    I need to find a way to sync the databases between servers.

    As for the stats, we have no idea why its being so temperamental at present, until someone actually gives us a way to recreate the issue, we cannot send this information to the developer to fix.

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    GodsDead and MCShovel I’d really like to get the sailor rank. If you want I can send screenshots and have a friend that can testify that I broke the blocks. As for the hours you can either check the server logs plus the same friend can testify since he was on for with me for most of the time that I was playing of the 24 <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>hours and he was able to rank up to sailor and the blocks and time worked fine for him If there is a good time I can go on teamspeak with him or have him put a comment on this forum post. Whatever you want me to do to prove it I just rally want to get Sailor as soon as it is possible.</span>

    Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                          RyanandCole999

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