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    You may have noticed the website was down most of yesterday, this was due to the host moving us to a “better” node. The server was moved from an 8 year old node in Paris that was on its last legs to a newer node in the US Phoenix, AZ.

    There may be oddities that turn up, so any issues with the website please reply in here.

    I saw a few people that made posts on the old website somehow during the transfer window, im not sure how you were able to post to the website as everything should have been disabled! So a few posts in the last 12 hours may be missing, as they were posted to the old node.

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    did you get my pm message then, in case that was during the transfer window? I note no replies so I am slightly curious.

    hope you have a good day today!  🙂

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    If you messaged me last night, then I wouldn’t have got it as there was a brief window that the old node was alive, please resend.

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    Yeah, I made a post and gave some likes at around 22:00 GMT which have since disappeared. No matter.

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    oooooh thats why my posts never showed up XD

    thanks for upgrading godsy! i was wondering what happened XD



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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