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    Connect using mc.piratemc.com

    Survival with GriefPrevention, Siege, Moving ships and Cannons

    50 Slot Server

    Staff: GodsDead Iamthereaper89


    Detailed Information on our website http://www.piratemc.com


    PirateCraft Website

    Live Statistics

    Moving Ships and Cannons Detailed Information

    Live Map

    Ranks and Commands

    Claiming land and Siege

    Donation ranks and information

    Eco information


    Ahoy! We be looking for buccaneers to take over the seas!


    Build your own ship and sail it through our vast seas! Build Cannons and sink other ships!

    Leave the small spawn island and start building and looting anywhere!You can build and sail your own ship!You can protect your land/builds using a golden shovel via griefprevention plugin.


    Reply to this it for a free minecraft-server-list starting kit!

    Paste this form and fill out your information to get a free starting kit gifted to you by one of our admins!


    more details:


    teaser trailer

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