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    Airship Screenshots!

    Hello everyone! Today airship testing started on PirateCraft, and I was lucky enough to take some screenshots w/ shaders! I am not the best at taking screenshots, but I think these look pretty darn good. Without further ado, here they are! NOTE: DON’T FREAK OUT. Airships are not 100% being added yet. Only admins have access to make them currently, so a bunch of airships aren’t going to pop up suddenly.


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    *Paying someone to create a large flying horse*


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    Android quality screenshots.


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    hehehe its not like i know atleast 10 ish movecraft devs, totaly wont invite them onto the server

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    Very interesting. I would recommend not being able to mount cannons etc on them though, but maybe perhaps like a sort of chaingun with arrows or a flame thrower of sorts.

    Though I recognise this as not a forum for proposals, I would rather in this game have the ships without cannons, or atleast incredibly weak cannons like a rusty cannon, seeing these airships being used more for like low-mid altitude transport, as scouting vessels or surveillance craft like you know; during the late American/European civil wars and conquest in Africa where they were used to direct artillery fire and spot troop movements as well as at sea spotting ships.

    But either way, I wouldn’t mind how they are, perhaps some sort of ground based anti-air gun could be developed, with like timed cluster bomb explosions etc.

    Anyway, nice to see the age of the Zeppelin arriving.

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    or we can remove cannons on ariships but allow dispencers, so fire guns and adjustable arc cannons, totaly  dont know like 5 other cannon builders

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