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    Its been a while since someone has done something like this. The last list that has been made was in 2018 July by Xeron. It can be found >Here<.

    This list serves as a reference point, and comparison to the PMC of 3 years 7 months ago O_O im getting old.

    Im gonna try to include as many crews as I can (I’m NOT gonna mention every crew in existence or 2 hour old deckhand crews).
    Here are the rules / key points (similar to Xeron’s and Paul’s original list)

    1. This is based off data from the 17th of February. It is entirely
    possible that people have changed crews, come back from inactivity, or founded
    new crews in the meantime.

    2. “Active Players” count as any players that were active in the
    last 30 days.

    3. Some crew descriptions from the previous list have been carried forward,
    asl ong as they are still relevant and/or the exact same crew.

    4. I tried to avoid 1 – 2 man crews and will only be including those that
    are worth of mention.

    5. The crew names are spelt as they are in-game. including typos and
    spacing issues.

    6. If I forget any crews feel free to message me on Discord! #Tulips4681 or
    beneath this post

    7. Honorable mentions are people that are well known and have been active recently.
    The List of Active Crews 

    The Shadow Realm (SDHW)
    Description : From the depths of the darkest shadows (ESE), we are
    the power lurking in the darkness.
    Leaders : Ae0n, TobySF, LordArth2021
    Honorable Mentions : Viper1093, Fatherfrog616, MrLimeWise, MsLimeWise, Crimpybark, Folsky
    Type : Recruiting / Economy

    Republic of Promethea (RoP)
    Description : I am Promethea. I have the high ground. I support the droid attack on the Wookies. Gonk gonk gonk.
    Leaders : LEG𝙾, Coldat, khaiethan.
    Honorable Mentions : CrazyMoneyy, Pjeturr, DeimosWreck, YellowTheMaster
    Type : Economy / Build / PvP / Retirement Home

    British Empire (BE)
    Description : The British Empire is a long-standing Empire, with a
    tradition rich history. Who are based on a democratic System.
    Leaders : BGraph, lazydog11, CrazyPirate1, gildor_stinky, ItsCrazyDave, mdsegebre.
    Honorable Mentions : MrMadBurrito, RatRaceRobot, Thederpymaster, Fat_Platapus, PanOfSteel
    Type :Recruiting / Economy / Build / PvP

    Valyrian Freehold (VAL)
    Description : A crew run by experienced players, based on GoT. Also
    the PMC retirement home.
    Leaders : Mqstic, Atalantaa, EnderSalt, Solembus13, CreatingWithKass
    Honorable Mentions : Bazurka, Taulov, Skyraine, Nado994, claymaester, EisenGraf, PandamoniumPrime, Masondave, _Tywin. malexdog, Janick_, BadBrando, SpikyCactus_, 
    Type : Economy / Build

    Cove (Cove)
    Description : The overlords!
    Leaders : GodsDead
    Type : World Domination

    JunglePirates (JP)
    Description : No description
    Leaders : JunglePirateDave
    Type : Recruiting / Economy

    Polish Kingdom (PLK)
    Description : The Polish Kingdom is a mostly peaceful crew,
    focusing mostly on exploration of the new 1.18 lands.
    Leaders : Tujek, Tulipss
    Honorable Mentions : toni907
    Type : Recruiting / Economy / Build / PvP

    Sinister (Sin)
    Description : Seclusion brings madness
    Leaders : Frqstie, DeoFiloW1, Espul
    Honorable Mentions : oWig, _knoedel, IgnFry
    Type : PvP

    CosaNostra (CSN)
    Description : set Ch’ a cousta lon ch’a cousta Viva l’Acusta
    Leaders : RoMich02, WaterPool, Murubutu, Caldera23, Armqndo
    Honorable Mentions : gepetrus, mikimoosey, Naqvity, CowTheMeek, Minemoppel, Slowmotionturbo, Ismaworkx, Lullaby93, SpiderDeluxe, Vec0203.MinisterMoo.
    Type : Economy / Build / PvP

    La Familia (Mafia)
    Description : and THAT’s how mafia works
    Leaders : Simbud, Monkss, Nationalistic, DaddyVolpex, NoSoulz,
    Honorable Mentions : Kirn_
    Type :  Economy / PvP / Retirement Home

    Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
    Description : If you join you get free +15 Social Credit
    Leaders : N0tMAD, notgodsdead
    Honorable Mentions : FatMatt176
    Type :  Recruiting / Economy / Build / PvP 

    The New Empire (TNE)
    Description : We are a big autonum Crew, with the will, to build
    the biggest, and most beautiful city on the server.
    Leaders : ScriptX, Two_Com, IndexOutOfMJ
    Honorable Mentions :
    Type :  Economy / BUILD

    The Verussian Republic (VER) (yes it still exists ikr)
    Description : A republic for the people – by the people. Verussia
    is governed by an elite council, and enforced by the Krimzon Guard.
    Leaders : warbluke, KwesiYsell, InventorElric, PortugalJ
    Honorable Mentions : JonahHulk10, ExperienceMoore
    Type :  Recruiting / Build

    The Church (TC)
    Description : We The Church Live to Serve you the people of the
    Leaders : FatherAnderson, FugalCoast95003
    Honorable Mentions : RexStrafes, Kooksuba
    Type : Build

    Rome (SPQR)
    Description : SPQR is a Roman themed crew that focuses on building
    in Roman style and roleplay.
    Leaders : _Augustus_Caesar, duckmasterizzy
    Honorable Mentions : missioncarp3127, _Scipio_, CottageSimcoe, TulipGX
    Type :  Economy / Build

    The Imperial Roman Empire (ROME)
    Description : into cosmic’s basement we go
    Leaders : CommanderAsher, CosmicKingSimp, Gqldn, Majsay23, Oski8164
    Honorable Mentions : MionaTheGreat, lukaim
    Type :  Economy / Build

    The Papal State (Papal)
    Description : If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you
    can find them… maybe you can hire Papal.
    Leaders : Olveron, DrBipper, _Ninja_8
    Honorable Mentions : I_Sell_Hugs, OTheMan, ContDJ, DarkMatter51, Icyvains
    Type :  Economy / Build

    The Woo (WOO)
    Description : No Description
    Leaders : IronAR
    Type :  Economy / Build / PvP


    PS : Thanks Taulov for fixing all the bugs in this post!

    Sincerely Tulips

    - Honest, friendly and peaceful Citizen of Piratecraft

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