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    This is my formal petition to add a new cannon variant. This came about after I found out the “bronze triple cannon” isn’t 10 blocks in a 10×1 formation.

    This new variant could be called “bronze long nine” and be made out of gold blocks in a 9×1 formation. To make it unique from the bronze triple cannon, it could have a range of 200 blocks with an accuracy of “Great”.

    Now imagine a dhow carrying this massive (big kahuna) cannon (not possible, don’t worry, gold blocks only start being allowed on brigs and above according to the ships guide).

    For reference, please view the photos attached of a dhow with a bronze triple cannon vs a bronze long nine (I know there are 10 blocks. Took the screenshot before I decided to name the cannon long “nine”).

    Also please enjoy the official US Coast Guard dinghy.

    Feel free to discuss!

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    ~High (#420) Admiral of the BE Navy and retired News Anchor of the Piratecraft Survival Server~

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    thats great but honestly kinda useless unless your drilling thorugh something

    -Emperor of The Mayan Empire, AhawCow

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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