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    Current Username: Palapourheal
    Username when banned: Palapourheal
    UUID: UUID e583e2a0-13f7-4cfd-b895-1d7a50f088cd
    Your punishment tracker link:
    Banned By: Taulov

    I would like to begin the appeal with an apology to the staff, specifically Atalantaa, GodsDead and Taulov for my actions during the remaining months leading up to my ban, I take full responsibility for actions and I am sorry for any distress and time wasted on moderating me.


    Since my absence from the community, I have been reconnecting with old friends and enjoying being my normal self, where I am not toxic. I have also settled down with a full-time job and focusing on school. When I was playing on the server, I was very bored with a lot of time on my hands, with that time I was being toxic and breaking server rules, as that was the only thing fun for me at the time. But since finding a path in life, I have been able to dedicate my energy into my studies and work.


    As some of the staff like Buck knows, I was on an alt account called Dishonest_ – During this time I showed no indication that I was my old self, Palapourheal. I know I was caught eventually due to my IP address but I was very friendly, behaved and even surprised some of the current staff at that time that I could actually be a better person. I would like to use this as an example that I can indeed change, despite using an alt to prove it. I am sorry Buck for deceiving you and thank you for defending me when you thought I wasn’t Palapourheal.


    If I was given a last chance to redeem myself, my goal for myself would continue finishing my town and playing with friends again, I have been planning many builds in single player and wish to one day bring them onto the server. I would also like to participate in item creation, as I enjoyed doing that before I was banned.


    I would be happy to have my ban lowered to a temporary ban or a probationary period.


    Thank you taking the time to read my appeal and your consideration.


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    even with his 31 different punishments i think he should be unbanned. it would be funny.



















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    I think Pala has learned his lesson this time. He has only had 31 other chances so far, so according to Matthew 18:21-22 he should have 46 more before we stop forgiving him. Everyone knows the 31st chance is where people change their ways.



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    I think Palapourheal should be unbanned to participate in the first and grand Olpx tournament!!

    Former leader of scamming sailors and raiding them
    Has experience in running from the cops
    Has raided lots of chungeses per-

    Former leader of Rome|
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    I cant agree more with Eisen’s words, Pala is a new man and he should be definetely given another 10 chances, hes the only person able to revive PMC community, and as Einstein said: “get a PalaPourHeal in your life, you’ll become smarter.”











    Current DDoSer

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    All sarcasm aside, I do believe pala was way more rebelious before, and would purposefully try to cause chaos and get himself punishment out of boredom and disinterest in the server. I feel like this has changed however, and he is genuinely more mature and peaceful than before. People change, and I do think he has made a change for the better. I vouch for him as a friend.

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    Here is my 2 cents.  First off as he says he was able to act very nicely and behave himself while he played on his alt Dishonist_. However the fact that he was on said alt shows that he still has very little respect for the rules of the community.  I believe he has matured a lot since he was banned however do not believe that he deserves an unban simply for that.  All in all I think he should remain banned for now, but would be willing to review at a later date.


    Augustus Caesar

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    Pala is very pog

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    Hello everyone and thank you for support, I am in disbelief that people still care about me and have kind words to say.




    Thank you for vouching for my maturity, it means a lot to me. I also appreciate your strict/toughness on players and the server’s guidelines. The alt account was used out of desperation to stay in contact with my friends and being able to continue playing, I know this showed poor judgement and I was happy it was caught in a timely manner.


    However, I would like to get further understanding on why you think I should remain banned longer. From my point of view, It would be ideal being forgiven by the same staff that were involved in my punishment instead of new staff, which wouldn’t have the correct understanding and complexity of my personality and history on the server. It would also mean a lot to me to be forgiven by the same staff I know and to apologize for my actions whilst they’re still around.


    A lot can change in a year, including the staff and I’m not sure if people like you will remain in a year or two, as seen with the recent departure of staff. Most of the staff that left recently had a part to play in my ban too.


    If there is anything I can do to the deserve the unban from yourself, please let me know.

    1 John 1:9 – “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”

    Kind regards,


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    Jesus, my first time logging on the pmc website for over a year and a half.

    First of all, unbanning Pala is the best thing for the server, it will give people reasons to return and keep it alive.

    Secondly, we miss him, he had a great sense of humour and always was a good friend.

    Thirdly, (Secondly)^9999999




    Edit: Also take into account that number of chances doesn’t really count, have you seen my number of punishments? lol

    I wanted to have a signature so I set it to this.

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    I have known Palapourheal since he was a deckhand, and while he was loud, his behavior grew out of control. I, personally, agree with Buck that he may have matured, but I think that with recent events on piratecraft, now is not the best time for him to return. Perhaps in a year would be a better time, but for now, I do agree that he should stay banned. Good luck to you Palapourheal.

    -Former Leader of FSKN
    -Former Member of CLTN
    -Former Leader of TAS
    -Former member of LAW
    -Proud Leader of NRWHL

    Shivendra (ContDJ)
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    I did not know Pala other than him in 2021. I saw he was a little ‘not like someone you would be a fan of, but in recent times, he seems to be much better than ever he was, he is a great advisor and a pro athlete, and also a polite man, Even after looking at this ban list, I think Pala might be pretty ok to come back. He has been away from PMC for almost a year and might have understood his faults.

    Again, this is my personal opinion.

    Former Capal & Architect of ROME
    Former member of PAPAL
    Current Citizen of The British Empire

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    I’m impressed @Decsain. After 3 years of inactivity on the forums, your first post is to lie once again, to the community. We all know you don’t know Pala nor does he know you, you were very inactive for the duration of his time on the server and only returned to full activity in Winter or earlier of the year.


    What do recent events caused by your crew have to do with anything with Pala? What would change in a year’s time?



    Please for the sake of your mental health, stop lying to people and spreading rumors (as you did recently with a notable member of the community), causing drama just to remain relevant is not healthy, STOP.


    With love, Romichardo

    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

    Icy Wizard
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    Through the years of me knowing Pala, and him being in BE for a part of that time, I know him. I know his past, and how he used to be before. He was very rebellious player in that past, to say the least, but he’s changed. I’ve been talking to him here and there, and we’ve been interacting with each other. I would really hope for Pala to come back to the PMC community. I will vouch that he has changed, and for the better.

    Now for the people saying his Alt,
    Seriously guys what the actual fuck? He used an Alt to prove the real him and how he has changed. You’re be really fastidious doing so. Come on man, he’s changed. I get it breaks the rules, but he was only showing his true self.

    I love Pala, and I wish for him to come back. I’m flabbergasted knowing that there’s better things to come if he comes back – a lot.

    Icy Wizard
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    I vouch RoMich as to his response to Decsain. I’d like to add on more, you’re just saying this because you don’t want more danger to come to your crew – but what can I say – it’s a pirate server! That’s really sad for you to be of some selfishness like that (No Offense). I’m going to stop before it get’s out of hand.

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