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    The Queen
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    As so many requested i have decided to give you this as your present from me.

    Hi everyone this is Rep and just wanted to have a talk with you all, very civil not hostile just a nice peaceful talk.

    I will begin. I created the elves when i came here in hope of following the footsteps of one i once followed. Starting in a kingdom made of cobble 2 years back didn’t help the situation what so ever but we all improve at some point. Thinking i knew and had it all in the bag i created “The Elves” with hopes of leaving a strong mark on this server of who we are and who led them through the worst points to the highest.

    I have had a passion, a deep one for building kingdoms and strongholds. So the countless cities i made it was art to me, it was something i could release coming from my creative mind. When i finished a kingdom i would slowly grow tired of it and go somewhere else in the world and build yet another amazing city. I have built them for fun and the enjoyment of it all. Two cities which i grow very close to my heart is Evermoor and Gondolin. Evermoor was the first kingdom, wide scale i had made, and during this time i was watched from all over by everyone on the pure curiosity on what i was going to build. Evermoor is the oldest kingdom and most historic on this server and reason for going back recently was to restore its old look i had imagined. Reason for it being left is due to the attacks. Evermoor is art to me, and i couldnt take it being hit by so many cannons chipping off every detail put in that historic city. One person who has really understood my vision is Cysteen, who i have great times talking with when shes not trying to shoot me with her bow. Now as for Avalor that was a city i hoped to make to complete my work there but i didn’t feel confirmed in my vision of building that i was satisfied. I was going to unclaim it or donate the city to the server but it was burned. Unknowingly who did it as i have few people in my mind who have committed such acts against me, it was restored. Now a friend i am very close with is AppleJK, and when he told me he claimed Avalor i wasn’t nervous because AppleJK is a very very interesting, respectable, and kind person. From many talks I was satisfied with my old city being in his hands but now i am at the time where im finishing my massive most large detailed project on this server, where i am hoping to complete all my major builds in this one.

    Gondolin, a city i have had in my mind since the days of Evermoor, I knew at the time i was no where near the ability of making a city so grand in my mind. Now i have it all drawn, written notes, and planned out how i want this city to be from trials and tribulations of making cities, if its from weak points to strong good ideas. Everything is as planned but for those who say things when i log off, saying i like leaving cities and dont care. I hope you know i do care about my work but i like to share what i have created as well. I am very picky on my taste.



    Reptaria is a character created when i was in 3rd grade. Over years and years i have grown close to Reptaria. She is a mock of my personality, Reptaria is a queen indeed she is. Reptaria when i made her was to be Strong, will do the best of her ability to keep her people safe no matter what, and to most of all give up all she has, to protect those most dear to her. When i joined Piratecraft i really flourished with her personality adding new ideas and edits onto how to make her so amazing. What people have heard about me was a lot of negatives. I admit no one is perfect nor is the Queen herself. but i have to say that i have worked very hard over these years to complete a vision and a goal and to try to be the best i can be. For the elves I have given everything I could. I am proud of those who have served with me and fought alongside me for a nation that has risen from nothing. I have to say I have done bad things as everyone else on this server at some point and time while playing has done something stupid. I wanted everyone to know that I have worked days and nights when no one was one to when people were on and the server was full, i have tried very hard to give my people the best i can provide because the elves nation are not about what I want its about me serving my people to make them flourish and prosper.

    What made Reptar crack from being such an innocent humble queen was the fact she was always betrayed. She was heart broken many times or people she has grown to like a lot have left to go on with their lives. Which played a minor role.

    I got to a time to where I was very strict and wanted everything to go a certain way because I was afraid of my people being hurt. With my ignorance at a high, I neglected to see I really did hurt my people when I thought I was giving them my best. Due to that action someone I trusted with everything I had tore me down word by word, and action by action not caring what i felt inside, and at that moment I have to say I had a crisis. Flipping out and upset saying things knowing myself wouldn’t ever do i can simply say i snapped and was very nervous because years of work i thought would be wasted, but now as time passed i realized manipulating, cheating and forcing people to do certain things to make my people happy didn’t help. I came to understand I had to change because I was blinded. I then realized I had to find out what I Reptar was doing wrong. So I go back to where it all began, to where I was inspired to lead and to where i grew up on MC.

    My old leader who is very very respectable and wise told me a good leader listens and acts but must be wise on giving the final word. In the days returning after the end of the elven empire era my reputation plummeted as everything, my faults, lies and cheats were all exposed to the public about me. I came back and talk to a friend Nado, and he told me something i will never forget, the only way to change and to fix what I didn’t know and make it right. I came back to piratecraft changing my name to Alixana a new character 3 years after i created Reptaria, her oldest sister. I had to see how I created Alixana and add her attributes to Reptar. Now with a new vision and with lies, cheats and other negative attributes being dropped I have seen a brighter side to my leadership skills and wish to make Reptaria lead her people with highest respects. I can not hide from my history, nor can anyone else on here but it can be forgiven by those if they choose as  I have chosen to forgive many for major wrongs done to me, from being betrayed at Evermoor to being lied to at a massive extent. I have to say that now I have been mostly honest and am working on stopping all those dratted lies that some still follow me today. I have people who hate Reptaria because of her actions she has done in the past such as Javainvader or Browe things i have done I cant say sorry anymore because if I say it again ill explode. People call Rep a compulsive liar but that was the past, I can just see it now someone will quote that comment and say “you got that right”. When Rep had to opportunity to fight back enemies of her people she joined in many renegades with her close friends, Apple crew and the Undead with xXmonkey. Overall i have to say they are good people from my eye and that i am happy to be friends with such a unique bunch of people who share same morals as the elves. Knowing my faults and overlooking it all they have been with me which I cant say thank you enough for. @godsdead i do have to thank you because you have been through a lot with me, putting up with my rants or giving me good advise or helping me see what i have done wrong but most of all i can never thank you enough for that time you trusted me to honor my word to repay a lost debt, you know what what i mean by that.

    I have made reptar from this month and going forward a better person than the old self she was. I overall have to say i am proud to a highest extent of who Reptaria is. Her rich history makes me happy but i mainly wanted to inform everyone on my orgin and a little brief history on myself.

    Overall i have to say thanks for reading or skim reading and and hope you all can understand that things i have may have done in the past that have left a deep mark understand i have said sorry way past my doing and i will not say it anymore for i feel no more guilt for my past actions. No one here can really bash my head in for all wrongs i have done because I 99.999% promise you everyone on here has done something stupid at one time or another. Anyways that is all 🙂 !

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray you have a very merry new year!

    Look forward to 2017 you all and may the adventures flourish even more!

    God bless and take care!


    The Queen

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    Now add this to the wiki, please. 🙂

    The Queen
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    I can do nothing else but this, i had to clear my name. I will post it as “The Redemption Speech”


    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    Very well said rep

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    u crazy

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁

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