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    Shivendra (ContDJ)
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    Ahoy thar PirateCrafters, I am Contt, jus’ wanted t’ let everyone know that I am takin’ a break from PMC ‘n Minecraft ’cause o’ somethin’ that’s nah goin’ like ’twas supposed t’ be, I expect t’ be back till March-April 2023, in the meanwhile I will be semi-active on me discord ContDJ#1553, feel free t’ contact me fer anythin’. Thanks t’ everyone ‘n the staff crew fer givin’ me the best experience o’ minecraft till now, Good time awaits


    fair winds t’ ye


    Former Capal & Architect of ROME
    Former member of PAPAL
    Current Citizen of The British Empire

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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