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    Personally I think the server would be better if we didn’t have any /tpas

    Players would be forced to use boats and ships to get to shops and to get anywhere, meaning there’d be more room for intercepting ships, more room for raiding, it’d be a more interesting gameplay, considering how difficult it is to raid bases that are properly protected this could actually make the game way more interested and return to the basic aim of the server

    To be Pirate Themed

    Ofc feel free to disagree and discuss or whatever, I just thought I’d put this forward for consideration

    We’ve got moving ships for crying out loud, let’s use them!

    A good compromise would maybe be some sort of limit on how many tpas you’re allowed or where you can tpa etc. If anyone has any ideas on that it would be beneficial for you to lay them down

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    Do your research before hand.


    We’re not going to remove tpa from the main server as there would be an outcry, this is why GodsDead is wanting to add a ‘no tpa’ server, in which everyone can’t tpa (surprisingly), and would encourage the use of the server plugins.

    For more info, please search ‘tpa’, and I guarantee you will find 50 odd topics about it.


    You also recite pretty much everybody’s same argument on how tpa can be improved and on how people imagine ship to ship fights.

    As of right now, it is somewhat tpa’s fault, but is also down to people not always wanting their hardworked ship to be blown up by some invis, speed 2, depth strider, Rambo half swimming half skimming the surface with tnt and blowing that thing to smithereens before you can type an angry response in chat (which I assure you do).

    People try encourage these battles by staging their own (like Max does which have been successful) and having the community enforce these non-existant rules in these battles, however there are the odd cases of people just wanting to cause misery and have, blown people’s ships taking part, apart. And we’re also lucky that this is a small minority and that most large pvp crews, whom are a real mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, are not to blame and actively support or leave the events well alone as they know that the response they would get would be more than the usual ‘hey’ every time someone’s chests get vacuumed up by them.

    Its good to see new people with these views that they want to contribute something to the server already, and can already see the few, existing problems that are prevalent, however, removing tpa, despite how insignificant it may sound, potentially could cause a lot of the player base to leave and discourage future players.


    p.s. sorry for my slightly rude original response.

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    people try to sail with double chests, and that for some reason kills the servers tps

    Founder of the Coalition

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    Aye fair do’s

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