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    As you know I will from time to time post up playlists that I curate. This time its Soundcloud playlists instead of the usual Youtube ones.

    These are my go to lists when gaming according to what mood im in.

    For the Metal Heads and Rock and Rollas

    For the Dub/Bro step and EDM fans

    Hit the shuffle button and let em play loud as you can stand in your headphones. Now I know I only ever post up metal and dubstep playlists but I do actually listen to and enjoy almost every style of music out there like classical, old school jazz, old school outlaw country(none of the new stuff), punk, classic rock, and other random genres. I just never get around to making those kinds of lists haha.

    Anyway hope you enjoy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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