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    As an up and coming crew, it is wise to set in stone a plan to achieve economical success while maintaining a fun playing environment.

    Our main goal as a crew is to increase trade, defend our allies and territory, and have fun doing so. This is a short summary of plans for the Future.

    Port Towns:

    This is the first step. Making 4 Large port towns all with specific purposes different from the others. (Ex. Port 1 = Farming Port 2 = Mining)

    Ship Trade:

    Between these 4 port towns We will establish a ship based trading economy. each town will ship goods via ships increasing the need for ships and increasing activity of ships.

    Ship Building and Trading:

    Every pirate needs a ship right? Well, We will build ships and in addition to paying for ships you can also trade ships. Factors will determine how much a ship is valued at.

    Canal Building:

    We will aspire to create better waterways for easier use of ships while respecting other players territories and the land in which we mine. ( @Browe_ )

    Piratecraft Training Camp:

    Members of our crew will be taught how to efficiently use the plugins of the server to their full potential.

    Walls walls and some more walls:

    Base defenses are a key to success and we will have a lot of them.


    This is the basic plan for the future for Public release. There are many more plans to be made in the future.


    If you are interested in joining Send a /mail to JavaInvader in game expressing interest or reply to this forum post if you want to.

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁

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    There’s a deckhand I know that might want to join

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    Only javas 5th crew this week!

    Leader of the Narwhal Syndicate
    Former Official Bitchnugget of the Asylum
    King of the Elves, 2016-2017 (Rumoured)

    Crew History:
    United States Empire
    The Asylum
    Phantom Pirates
    The British Empire
    The Coalition
    Dealer's Deck
    House Indoril

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    Im sure I can lend you some deckhands from plant to help you get started!

    A endermite kicked my ass

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    -Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

    -Patient #412 of the Asylum

    "I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
    Horatio Nelson

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    ill join srsly.

    Yr mama
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    Uhm i am in delta and i got a port can it be used as a delta trading port?

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