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    I am proposing a new, bigger ship class called “ShipOfTheLine.” This would help greatly in creating more accurate, 1:1 scale heavy frigates, galleons, ships of the line, and other large ships in PirateCraft. It would help most with detailing like rigging and outfitting decks, along with just creating accurately-scaled ships in general:

    Class type: ShipOfTheLine (or perhaps a different name if you think something else is better)

    5000 block minimum

    7500-10,000 block maximum (I would push for 10k personally but I realize a range of 5k blocks is pretty big)

    Minimum 15% wool, 25% wood; Maximum 4% chests

    Speed: maybe just *slightly* slower than Indiaman, but those are already pretty slow so I’d say just leave it as is

    Sink Percentage: 60% (Same as Indiaman)

    Allowed/Restricted Blocks, etc.: Same as Indiaman

    Permissions: Captain rank

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    How about a Great Eastern class. 20k blocks must have 5% copper, 15% iron and 10% wool.  These represent the steam engines, iron hold and the sails.

    Speed 5-6, when consuming fuel in a furnace and 2-3 without fuel. Allows 200 dubs cargo space.

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