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    Attention everyone! The following are important updates regarding the Phantom Narwhal:

    New Narwhal HQ Fund

    A new Narwhal HQ is currently in the works, but funds are desperately needed for claimblocks! The HQ will be located near the next ship battle location and, once completed, will harbor all of the Narwhals made so far. There will, of course, be additional features at the HQ, but those will be the main features.

    Current Target Goal: £6,000

    All donators will be featured, along with the donation amount, on a donation wall at the HQ. Additionally, if you are in the Narwhal Crew discord (, you will be given the donator role.


    For all those who own shops at /warp shops, the Phantom Narwhal now does sponsorship deals! If you are interested, contact Astrobolt in game or via discord at Astro#1680 to determine sponsorship fees.

    Sponsors will be featured in the Narwhal News Network forum page description, along with having a sign on the Narwhal during battle advertising your shop. A Narwhal banner will also be given to each sponsor to display at their shop if they choose. In the Narwhal Crew discord, there will be a reminder every other week to shop at each sponsors’ shop. Similarly to donators, sponsors, if they are in the Narwhal Crew discord, will receive the sponsor role.

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