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    Current Username: Mystic_Titan965
    Username when banned: Galaxy218

    UUID: 000aed2a-d619-47bc-9883-af842dfcac02
    Your punishment tracker link: <span style=”color: #555555; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: #fbfbfb;”> </span>
    Banned By: The_Network

    Alright, before I get started, this is more of a request to lift the Permanent ban and have it set back to the 3 month temp-ban.  I do know that I messed up and I would like to explain myself.  First off I would like to apologize to Godsdead and The_Network for lying to you both about the “alternate account” part of the ban.  Lying is not a good thing to do, especially to people you consider to be friends.  I do not want to go into personal reasons as to why I lied about it, as I do not want to make it sound like I am trying to get sympathy for something I did.  Which I do now come to regret the decision I made, as I never realized how much I enjoyed playing on this server until I ripped myself away from it.  (The official reason I was banned was Use of Alternate Accounts and Repeated Door Glitching.)  The “Alternate Account” or Exonere, was an Irl friend of mine that I had brought to the server to originally help me quit by “raiding” me.  During her time on the server she said that she had enjoyed it so I bought her a rank, and over the next few days she had decided to leave.  I did not want to charge back a donation to the server so I left it at that.  I decided to go back on my decision to quit and have all the stuff returned to me right before she left.  A period of time went by and I had an opportunity to raid Hydra and I took it and in the process I door glitched to get into their head room (Ill go over why I did this to them in a different forum post, as the reason is messed up and may start drama.)  I am not excusing why I glitched, as it is breaking the rules and I take full responsibility for that.  I know that I lied to staff and was banned for it, which I am glad that they did, as it proves that the staff on this server do their job as they should.  I am just here explaining what actually happened and that I was not using an alternate account.  If you need further explanation just pm me in discord,or reply here and I will do my best to explain any questions you want.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I do know that it was long and probably a bit rant-y, but I do appreciate it :3

    Time to paint the Path of Glory in the Blood of those who are not worthy.

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    I decided to write why I glitched into Hydra’s head storage here because I can not remember how to write a normal forum post.


    A few months back Hydra had started collecting information on my personal life, through facebook and other social media platforms.  In this information that they had found they discovered that a dog of mine had recently died, named Dutchess.  Dpex, Chiro, and Spock(the one who researched the information) decided that they should troll me with this info.  They named an In-game wolf “dutchess” and showed it to me.  When they showed it to me, they proceeded to behead the wolf and Dpex equiped the wolf head and stared at me.  I will not disclose the staff member that was present and watching this as I do not want to ruin his/her career as a staff member on this server, but for some reason he/she did not do anything about this.  I held a grudge and when I had an opportunity to steal back this head, and take Hydra’s head collection I did so.  I am not trying to give a reason as to why I broke the rules, as I do know that it is rule breaking and the “Door Glitching” count on my punishment tracker is well deserved.


    Time to paint the Path of Glory in the Blood of those who are not worthy.

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    If thats true, then i think ure not the one that should be banned.

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    and you'r enemies rich
    and wait to find out which is which.

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    I miss you Mystic, I hope that you get unbanned, I wish you the best my friend.


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    @MysticTitan if you want to update your post the punishment tracker link is

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    One lesson to take away from this is to be careful what you share online.

    Try googling your username, and seeing how much stuff you can access. Its scary.

    I’m not saying don’t post this sort of stuff online, because for Gods sake its the internet and anyone can read anything and its not hard to do, but be cautious that everyone in the world may have access to this sort of info.

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    lol i looked up mystic titan and got this

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    @4orange, no one cares.
    Are you serious? They really stalked your pages to gain information, and like scum picked up the lowest detail they could just to hurt you with it? This is low. Really low.

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    If this is true, you should have come out earlier about this, it would have been easier to deal with. :/

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    The reason I waited so long was because I had heard that me getting banned started drama, so I was waiting a while to let everyone simmer down

    Time to paint the Path of Glory in the Blood of those who are not worthy.

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    By the way Mystic, J_H_Rogers got your shop unfortunately.

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    Punishment tracker.

    Glitching is against the rules, and we were never sent a clear video of how you did it, even though it was recorded.

    Since this information was kept secret, We have to assume the worse that you are using a hacked client.

    Lets look at your existing record:

    • Warnings:
      • Advertising
      • Racist comments
      • Door glitching (Already warned for)
      • A second warning for Racist comments.
    • Previous Bans:
      •  You abused a commandblock to steal infinite items.
      • Using Alts & VPN to bypass your IP ban.
    • My pet peeves;
      • You change your username to be similar to other players to confuse people:
        This includes trying to imitate being me, which I think is extremely sketchy, if you were pretending to be me.

    Based on your History alone, I’m not happy about giving you another change, you were given many many chances.

    In your unban appeal you have been disrespectful to staff, partly blaming staff that they didn’t intervene in something extremely personal and specific to you and THATS the reason you broke the rules and cheated, we have Many forms to report abuse and harassment, Forums, Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, Email, Private messages, there are no reports of you reporting harassment when it happened and I will not accept it as the reason for your cheating, especially since you have been warned about glitching previously.

    I HATE drama, you have somehow ALSO turned your unban appeal into a drama with other members of the server, I find this very rude, you were banned on your actions only. Do not create drama and fuel a witch hunt.

    After writing this all out I can only see negatives and no positives to you coming back.


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