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    My Username: Lukeg7812
    Coordinates: 1378 65 -2424 (priority) and also 6290 70 -6621
    Approximate Regen radius: 1 – 3 months i would guess
    Reason: my house that I’ve lived in on and off for at least 4 years just has been replaced by plain forrest, and the second, not as important, just reset as well,  it was a small castle I was building a while ago. Id really appreciate someone taking the time to regenerate this. The priority is the house and the area surrounding it, if that’s alright, and the second coordinate would be a nice bonus. Thank you.

    My home (Priority): r.2.-5.mca  Unfinished structure: r.13.13.mca


    (opt) Map link: <Visit https://map.piratemc.com/ Zoom into the are and right click the link icon bottom left of the screen and copy link, then paste that here> My home: r.2.-5.mca  Unfinished structure: r.13.13.mca
    (opt) Region ID: A minecraft region file is a 32×32 chunks area, a secondary method to regen a giant area fast. Use /getpos and put that into https://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/coordinates/ to get the filename!

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    Most likely got caught in a tidy up around warps/spawn if it was close, I know that @xeron has been doing some big clean ups recently, you have a 10 day window to get it back from when it was regenerated, if it was done 1-3 months ago, no chance in getting it back this late reporting.

    For terminology sake, you are requesting a restore from backup. Speak to Xeron who has been doing mass cleanups recently and show him the area it was.


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    Hi, I don’t remember cleaning up anything in those areas, so I don’t know what happened to your bases sorry pal.

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