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    So I’ve been using Torkey’s texture pack recently and the horse armor is a flintlock, musket, and a shotgun maybe, idk what the last one is supposed to be. But, we could install a gun plugin and they could become functional weapons. The Flintlock could shoot iron ingots, each shot would do 2 hearts of damage, it would also take 5 seconds to reload. The Musket could shoot gold ingots doing 5 hearts of damage each hit, but it would take 20 seconds to reload, it also would have a right click zoom function. Now, the shotgun would be able to fire pumpkin seeds, giving a dragons breath effect to the player if hit from a distance. All guns would be loaded with gunpowder as well. I’ll be adding more to this post soon…


    so after rethinking the amount of damage, I think they need a nerf. Musket: 3 damage per hit, 30 second reload time. Flintlock 1 heart per hit, 10 second reload time. Shotgun still has a dragon breath effect when shot.

    Now to obtain these weapons… They could be bought at cove, 200 for flintlock, 500 for shotgun, and 700 for  musket. Also all players would have a one time use kit called /kit flintlock. All ammo could be purchased at cove too. Or made, I think a special name for ammo would be needed, when it would be renamed, the ammo wouldn’t be able to be stacked so it wouldn’t be too over powered. These are just some ideas.


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    Firestar I believe the staff are working on it, that’s why the horse armor is like that in the texture pack.


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    River wood I talked to GodsDead and he said he was planning on adding them in the future, I just thought I would throw out some ideas to the forums to possibly help him out.

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    The official pack has the custom weapon items, we trialed the guns on the test server years ago and again recently, we just wasn’t a fan of guns in minecraft, it might be good for an event or mini game, we may even trial another plugin soon as opposed to Crackshot. I have just never liked guns in minecraft.

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    Man I’m waiting for PirateCraft to get it’s Battle Royale mode.

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    • Topics: 764
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    Man I’m waiting for PirateCraft to get it’s Battle Royale mode.

    Dont even

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    Alright so we aren’t adding guns? I understand completely gods, I just thought I would throw an idea out there.

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    I havent been keeping a eye on the forums to much but when i saw this i realised i dont think its my pack you are using and instead its the Pmc pack, the guns on my pack is on bows. The normal bow is a flintlock and then a bow with Power V is a Musket. i knew there was plans to put in guns but i never knew if they where to 100% be added or how long they’d be so i just made bows guns. I didnt want to have to try to work around what other people already had in the offical pmc pack so i just started into my own one which the first version of it was this being mainly pvp items changed. I hope to do a bit more to it soon though,

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    ughhhhhhhhhhhhh i rly like the bow i have in my textuere pack but the guns might be good if i were id the enchants on the bows

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