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    Now complete!

    All nether portals made on the overworld will go to the new nether! and /warp nether was moved!


    Old message:

    When we updated from 1.12.2 to 1.18 I generated an entire new nether, so that we could make use of the 1.16 terrain generation, I have given people 6 months to remove any loot from this old legacy world and to request builds be moved over to the new nether, after July 15th 2022 it will not be possible to loot or get a build moved over.

    How do I get a build moved over?

    All requests are taking place on our Where you have to be verified in-game first. If you are not verified, you need to first get yourself verified. use /discord verify in-game.

    You have to make a request into the Request_Support discord channel if you require a large build be moved to the new nether.

    You are required to first:

    1. Claim the exact coordinates in the new nether where the old build was, the build is copied and pasted from the exact same coordinates and can not be placed in a new location.
    2. You need to mark with pink wool the corners of your claim for an admin to select on both the legacy nether around your base and on the new nether, this is for easy selection for admins and also that you can check you have the correct coordinates in both worlds for your claim.
    3. Do not submit a request to move vaults or item storage, this is purely to move over builds, just take your loot over to the overworld or new nether.
    4. Once you have completed this, only then can you submit a support request to move a build.

    Discord links

    Live map links

    • 1.12.2 Legacy Nether world (removed July 15th 2022) use /warp nether
    • 1.18 New Nether (Staying) /warp newnether
    amya schuppe
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    What you would use if you could is what I believe he is asking. On PMC, I don’t utilize fabric optimization mods, but if I could, I’d use sodium. fnf mod

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    Great! I really like it. foodle

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