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    Why don’t we extend the cannon limit? I see why there is a limit but if we extend it there will be many more cool builds. And we will have better battles ships and forts. Maybe add 10 to 20 to the cannon limit of each rank? Then we will be able to build entire navies of battle ships and  awesome forts with lots of defences. It will result in intresting battles. Such as forts with lots of cannons sieged by a army also useing cannons. Or maybe bigger ship battles. Extending the cannon limit will result in many great outcomes. So why don’t we do it.

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    Hes right you know

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    *Just changed the title, I thought you were going to suggest new cannon types, rather than suggest an increase in limit.

    I would say this might be a good idea for a polling @GodsDead and if it went ahead it would get my vote.

    Though, rather than adding ‘cannons’ out right, why not have a way to unlock/increase your cannon limit by completing requirements, much like rank up.

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    The main point of this is I want us to be able have more cannons without buying ranks. But if we need more requirements they should’t be too hard so it still can  be fairly easily acheved.

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    1. Moved to the right forum.
    2. Cannons are technically infinite, you can run /cannons list to find your cannons or you can run /cannons reset, this gives the option to remove all cannons you have around the world to activate the ones you need at that point in time, they are specifically designed so you only use the ones you need at that exact point in time, the reason for this is because cannons can be used via redstone, and once you have a large amount of cannons being fired at once with redstone, it lags the server.
      1. “we will have better battles ships and forts” – Then reset your cannons for your battle, or join forced with a fort, or activate them when you need them, read my point #2 again.
      2. “Maybe add 10 to 20 to the cannon limit of each rank?” – No. Each rank already increases cannon limits gradually, very gradually to protect the server performance. I will list them below.
        Again, everything you have written isn’t thinking about performance, if 1 person can create a massive lag spike by firing their 30+ cannons at once, then imagine what it would do to the server if you have EVERYONE able to do this, just think.

    Cannon Limits are automatically increased already (there is also a hard-coded limit):

    1. Deckhand
    2. Cadet – 5
    3. Sailor
    4. Carpenter – 12
    5. Gunner – 15
    6. Boatswain – 17
    7. Firstmate
    8. Quatermaster
    9. Lieutenant – 20
    10. Commander – 30
    11. Captain – 50

    Are limits even working? I cant remember the last time I checked.

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    I never new about the /cannons or /cannons reset features. So I guess limit doesn’t have to be increased

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    Yeah Godsy the limits are working. And I didn’t find out about /cannons reset myself until a few weeks ago lol..very very useful command


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