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    Microsoft that owns Mojang who make and maintain Minecraft are enforcing all Minecraft Java accounts to require their Minecraft account be tied to a Microsoft Account.

    This is so Microsoft can tie all Minecraft accounts into their existing bans & punishment systems that they already have in place for Xbox.

    I have voiced my opinion on Discord about my worries with Microsofts choices and speculating on their plans for the future to forward crush Java players to try and get more people using their terrible Bedrock edition of Minecraft, I feel this needs to be posted publiclyand not hidden in the discord.

    Here are my negative thoughts with forcing migration from Java accounts to Microsoft accounts.

    • Once migrated they will follow the same report system as Xbox, Player accounts can be reported.
      This is fine for reporting toxic/racist players, but there’s no protection in place for groups of toxic people being able to “report” any Owner/Moderator from any Minecraft server getting their account locked for false reports.
    • Players that have parental controls enabled to disable chat will not be able to ask for help, they will not be able to engage with the community or even view help menus in-game.
      Having the account as a Microsoft account will give the account holder the ability to disable all in-game chat & communication.
    • You cant have multiple accounts on 1 Microsoft account, you will need multiple Microsoft accounts
    • Tied to Microsofts TOS, means if you break any of their TOS, you are screwed.
      If Microsoft thinks you have done something to their TOS, they stop your account entirely. This means everything in-game is now stuck with that account, there is no easy way to transfer all data to another account on a server.
    • If you are using an old account someone else in your family bought, and its from their email, unless you have access to their email, you’re now screwed. As it will be required, so you just lose access to your account. Hell, what happens if you cant get into your old email?
    • Banned from playing a single player game if you don’t play multiplayer!

    Some positives for stricter moderation of accounts

    • Kills moving to an Alt+VPN/Bots/Black market accounts.
    • 2FA (No technical reason your account needs to be Microsoft for this)
    • You get a cape? (No technical reason your account needs to be Microsoft for this)
    • You may be able to change skins live (No technical reason your account needs to be Microsoft for this)

    I posted these on the 22 October 2020, Today Mojang announced global moderators that will have the ability to permanently ban your Minecraft account with no way to fight or request an unban.


    Minecraft moderators can now ban players who do not follow our Community Guidelines
    When sending online messages using our services (Realms) or Featured Servers
    and C
    ommunicating online through signposts and books

    At present they say they will only moderate Bedrock & Realms, but this is the groundwork for Moderating Java accounts with the enforcement to migrate to Microsoft and the introduction of permanent banning moderators that can ban anyone for any reason they see fit for any single word you write. You could make a typo on a sign and you are permanently banned from Minecraft forever with no way to fight back.



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    You actually need a 3rd party verification to log into the console? I’m guessing there’s and offline mode that can be exploited somewhere. As an Owner, I’d have a second, unknown, account that had admin controls, stashed away somewhere. Redundancy, Right?. And let me know if you need someone to march up there to Everette/Redmond and give those boogers a piece of your mind… All the Antifa guys in Seattle, and Portland, Or are out of work, we can just load up a rental bus with them, head north, and let em go.


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