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    Luke Brandon Fox
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    Hello, I’ve not been to check my event chests since the server has been up and have only just done so. I noticed quite a large gap in one of my chest which is unusual as I was and am a captain rank and so the auto sort wouldn’t have left a gap prior to the update. I realise that the gap in the chest is where the eggs I received from the Nassau event should be. I had multiple eggs for each of the available creatures.

    I’m not sure if anyone else has reported this glitch, but I was storing them to either sell or to use in building farms. I’m just going to be outright cheeky about this and ask if there is a way they can either be restored or there is someway to compensate the loss?


    I’ve attached an image to show the chest they were in which shows the event items as sorted by the auto sorter.

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    Yes, it is known that the event eggs disappeared during the update due to a plugin, i believe it was the Mythic Mobs plugin. I have not yet heard if they will come back, but many others experienced the same thing

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