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    Hello all!

    As some of you may have realised, commutating with deaf/mute in minecraft (often the latter) is rather difficult! So, here are some tips for communication in game 😛

    1) Follow me!

    In minecraft, jumping up and down in front of a player, then running in  a set direction, is commonly used as a way of asking you to follow them.

    2) Yes!

    Much like in real life, a yes in minecraft is made by nodding the characters head up, and down.

    3) No!

    A no in minecraft is normally expressed by shaking the head from side to side.

    4) Allies? Friends?

    The request to be allies or friends in game, is shown by crossing/bringing the sword across the players chest, often rapidly.

    5) I dislike you!

    This is often seen when swords are swung at a player, or arrows are shot. Sometimes, this way of communicating may result in the death of the disliked player.

    6) Lol/ XD /hahahhhahahah

    This array of emotions can be seen, when a player spams the shift key while jumping, possibly punching the air.

    7) Place a block here

    This is done by holding a block in your hand, and punching the area where you wish that block to be placed, by standing on it if available.

    8) I’m a mute!

    Most people should have picked up on this by now, but if they haven’t already gathered that you are a fool, simply hold a sign in your hand and smack those air blocks.


    And there we go! My 8 tips on how to speak to the deaf/mute (often the latter).



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    4) And there I was taking it as a sign of aggression… Woe is me regarding those players I did wrong. xD

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    What happens when the keep on crouching right next to you with there head up… Is that another thing for teaming?


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    yea the teaming thing will have to be changed in 1.9, since blocking with sword is disabled. maybe something like shifting while punching the ground or blocking with a shield if u have one 🙂



    Crazy Pirate
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    At this point, I think I can get away with liking my own post 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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