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    Mincon Is over and the 1.11 features are out the bag! Lets all have a chat about all the new 1.11 features!



    1.11 TLDR:

    • Shulker Box! Chests that when you break them carry all the contents! My god!
    • Pirate Maps! yes! I can instantly see us using a custom plugin to utilize these in PirateCraft! A match made in heaven! buy maps from village Cartographers which will lead you to Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions. There be treasure!
    • Illagers – a new bunch of mobs who inhabit Woodland Mansions (new generation). They’re a mean lot who attack intruders with deadly magic and summon mischievous flying imps called Vexes.
    • llamas! Whats a minecraft update without a pointless new mob! Pretty much a mobile chest with 4 legs you can stick a carpet on to look snazzy, They’ll even form caravans as you lead them across the land and attack hostile mobs with gobs of spit.


    • ChangelogGeneration
      • Portal to escape the End Islands
        • Randomly spawning End Gates in the end to send you back to the central island
      • Woodland Mansion [Exterior]

      [Interior] [InteriorTables]

        • New giant generated dungeon
        • Mansion spawns in Dark Oak Forest
        • Treasure maps can be bought to locate them
        • End game type challenge



    • (aka Explorer Map)
      • Like a map, but leads to hidden structures (dungeons, monuments, etc.)
      • Initially a map with outlines of land, no loaded land shown
      • Loads land once you find it like a normal map
      • Icon for the structure is marked on the map
    • Cursed enchantments
      • Cannot be taken off if you put it on
      • Can only be removed by breaking it
    • Curse of Vanishing [Image]
        • An item with this curse will vanish if you are killed with it
        • KeepInventory will prevent this
      • Uncommon appearances
      • Best use in map making
    • Shulker Shell [Image]
      • Drop from Shulkers
    • Totem of Undying [Image]
    • [Display]
        • Prevents death one time while being held if dealt a killing blow
        • Gives regeneration and absorption when activated
        • Animation plays on screen of totem flipping into screen accompanied by particles when activated



      • Ported from MCPE
      • Can detect Block Updates and output redstone signal
      • Normal BUDS still remain
      • Behavior may not be exactly similar to MCPE
    • Shulker Box [Image]
    • [Recipe] [Inventory]
        • Crafted with one chest and two shulker shells
        • Placed and opened like a chest inventory
        • Can be held in your inventory like a backpack
        • Keeps inventory when broken
        • Breaks when pushed by a piston
        • Functions with hoppers to put items in and take items out
        • Can be placed down by a dispenser
        • Cannot store Shulker Boxes inside it


      • Trades treasure maps and map related items
      • Dressed in white
    • Illagers
      • Outcast villager type
      • Evoker [Image]
      • Spawns in Woodland Mansion
      • Spawns Vex mobs
      • Drops Totem of Undying
      • Raises arms to indicate spell casting
      • Has a Fangs Attack that spawns in bear trap like fangs that bite you
    • Vindicator [Image]
        • Spawns in Woodland Mansion
        • Hostile and holds weapons
        • Wields an axe
        • Can drop an emerald
    • Vex [Image]
      • Spawns in Woodland Mansion
      • Spawned by Evokers
      • Like a small ghost that flies around
      • Texture changes to have red marks when about to attack
      • Wields a sword
    • Llama [Image]
    • [Inventory]
      • Can be saddled and ridden using a carpet
      • Can be tamed by repeatedly riding until tamed
      • Possibly fed with wheat (?)
      • Can have a chest inventory
      • Colored and patterned saddles
      • Can be leashed
      • Different fur texture variants
      • Wolves run from them
      • Can attack by sharply spitting at enemies
      • Leading one will attract others nearby to follow in a line behind it

    Video link via @mrclusterfluxin

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    I think in this case, this would be a great opportunity to utilize the second world that was earlier discussed. Expanding our current map wouldn’t do any good.


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    Blu Pearson
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    Man the shield is op, the regen from hunger is brutal for pvp and well llamas. This is going to be an interesting update.



    Blu Pearson
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    just watched this vid from the minecon panel.

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    Quick thoughts after watching the video.

    • Curse of Vanishing items, these could be perfect for Kits, so after you die that item disappears.
    • Observer redstone block, this observes for a block change and does redstone, this will make auto farming much easier, this effects survival as part of survival is eating.
    • Shulker boxes, how will these work with ships? This could be a MUCH better way to have chests of items on ships technically, at present each ship needs to move with the chest and the items inside it, which causes a issue with lag. Since they can be broken and moved and keep their inventory, we can start to have some really epic inventions to move items from your storage to a ship and then transport it, since we can use pistons and hoppers to break the chest and then move it in hoppers, and at the very end dispense it which actually places it! This is insane, I think this is going to give us a ton of opportunities with ships.
    • Mansions, Ok the mansions is not what im exited about, if you listen to the video he states they used the structure block to create it in-game, which means its not hard-coded, this means that if its possible to create new structures in this way, we should be able to create custom schematics to generate as a world is explored! (In my own theory). Sidenote, that building is way wayy to big for vanilla building generation, looks odd.
    • 3 new mobs, those flying minions are so cool, they no-clip through walls too! There cool animations for summoning them is amazing! Im not sure of any creative ways we can use these yet, but im sure they have a lot of potential!
    • Totem of Undying; brings you back to life after you are dead… yeah this isn’t going to work well with the already OP PVP of Minecraft.. Insanely OP for SMP, we might have to think of another use for them, If an OP player gets one of these, why not just give them /god

    thanks for the video link man! Ill update the main post to add it!

    Crazy Pirate
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    God, they churn these updates out. Why can’t they just improve horses a little (give them some PVP abilities), add guns/muskets to work with gunpowder, and add some spear/lancer weapon that has extended reach. But no, when it comes to new weapons, I want something that spits :/

    Crazy Pirate
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    Wait. :/

    Totem of undying…

    ‘will save your life when you receive a killing blow, while holding it in either hand…gives regeneration and absorption when activated for a couple of seconds, to help survive followup damage’

    My god. So, basically, farm 64 of those and hold them in your offhand slot. And so your enemy has to kill you 64 times before you actually die. Or, if they’re a non-stackable item, you just hold a few in your inventory. And here I was thinking they actually cared about pvp.

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    these shulker boxes can now be used to transport goods, and also now there can be random encounters with other players who plan on stealing said goods. Pirates can’t be pirates without a secret stash of booty that they can carry around with them if they feel it’s unsafe!


    Also the Vexes could be used for a new rare structure. Standing Stones. Illagers can be like, witches in a covenant, and they summon their minions to attack any foe trying to stop them from doing their summoning ritual or something. and if you wait long enough, maybe we could install one of those “One command block creations” and make a new boss mob that they summon?

    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............

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    Shulker’s they spawn in End citys, which means getting their shells will be hard as hell if they have already been killed! Another really rare item then the Shulker Boxes.

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    Wtf mojang.. How tf are we supposed to PVP now with life giving sticks! My god,…

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    After reading the wiki,  here is what o found…

    -Shulker chests can hold 28 times more inventory (if you count the off hand F) seriously…

    -Totems that bring you back from the death, gives you buffs for fighting. Get ready for mass auto farms and unkillable PowerLords

    -Llamas, like the polar bear, feking useless… Except for those critical moments when your caravan of 200 llamas gang up on a wolf and spit on him to death (my god…)

    -Scary villagers with axes roaming the woods at night (nightmare fuel)

    -Curses, witches ain’t got nothin on these bad boi’s

    -Ghosts, (noticing a really creepy Halloween vibe here)

    -Cartographers, actually they sound pretty good…

    the only thing I’m semi excited for is the lowed exhaustion rate. Won’t have to eat as much (thank god)


    ~ I'm always right, when I'm not wrong...
    - Vice President of The Thirteen Colonies
    - Master Librarian at Covetown

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    Why llamas? They should make a harambi! Anyway, I’m excited for the update! Except the sticks of life…


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    not gonna lie i almost died of laughter when i saw the llamas spitting on wolves (i watched the stream live XD )

    also a big point to consider- mojang had the idiotic idea to limit the amount of mobs in a 1×1 area, thank the lord it can be changed in gamemode, and i do believe that we should disable it all together.

    why you may ask? well, anything that is the 25th mob in a 1×1 chunk will suffocate to death as if it was in the void, INCLUDING PLAYERS. they pushed this update to “solve lag issues on servers”, this will only increase the lag because everyone and their grandmother will be doing 1×1 fall traps with 24 minecarts in them, which will immediately kill the player. a lot of these and the server will lag even more.


    i love the shulker box idea ;3 and about what build said about the shulker boxes, you can transport your ENTIRE BASE if you play your cards right. put 27 full shulker boxes in your ender chest. have 35 shulker boxes in your inventory and one in your offhand. and captains can even ./hat an extra shulker box. thats a whopping 54 CHESTS in total. and if you base with a friend, that can go up to 108!!! and just imagine hopper lines 😛


    and godsy good idea with the cursed items for ./kits, such as the invisability one or whatever its called, so they die upon death. when it was revealed i literally couldnt think of a single use for them 😛


    and im also happy with the food regen nerf, in the live stream you can estimate it to be half as good, since jeb kept almost dying to those vex things lol, he regenned about four hearts when his saturation ran out, and it was slower to come back. and i am in favor of disabling those dumb anti death totems 😛



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    Vexes can be edited/potrayed as ghost pirates? @godsdead

    They seem so cool, yet don’t fit the pirate or maybe even minecraft theme. I can see your point.

    As Cys said earlier, these updates are making minecraft seem like a weird/tacky mod pack 😛 Some things are great while others don’t fit nearly as nice. Oh well. Mojang will be Mojang…

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