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    A few of us watched the Minecon event live for all the new things coming soon to minecraft, I was out voting live on the New mob and we got Mob B! https://twitter.com/minecraftpirate

    Be warned, this is SUPER MEGA cringe, so I have also attached a changelog in text form so you don’t have to suffer! The main update was the Aquatic update, which Jeb introduced near the end, then the rest of it is just utter garbage.

    This is a mega thread to talk about all the announcements from Minecon Earth 2017.

    Some Topics from Minecon Earth.

    Aquatic update!

    • Shipwrecks
    • Swimming Fish
    • Trident
    • Dolphins
    • Water Physics
    • Corral
    • Ocean Biomes

    Full Changelog from the video:

    1.14:“The Update Aquatic”



          • [P] Features that affect combat
            • [M] Balancing bows and shields
              • Balancing bows: no knockback or big damage without pulling the bow all the way
              • Balancing shields: shields disable when used frequently
          • Swimming animation
        • Warm, cold and frozen ocean biomes
        • Bubble columns
          • Underwater magma blocks will produce bubbles
          • Items fall down into bubbles, float on the surface otherwise
          • Shakes boats
          • Underwater ravines
        • Trident
        • Throwable and melee weapon
        • Works under water and when raining
        • Enchantments
          • “Loyalty” makes tridents come back to the thrower
          • “Riptide” pushes the player forward when thrown while swimming
          • “Impaler”
          • “Slipstream Dash”
        • Player model animation for throwing
        • Coral & Kelp
          • Tropical fish
          • All fish items will exist as mobs
          • Can be caught with buckets, yields a bucket with water and non-despawning fish inside
        • [P] Water physics
          • Slabs, fences, tall grass, etc share a block space with water
          • Not fully designed yet
        • Shipwrecks
      • Will help find treasure in oceans by guiding players
      • Jump around over the water surface
    • [P] A new mob, one of four options voted on at Minecon 2017
      • “The Monster of the Night Skies”, name not final
    • Titled mob B for the Minecon vote
    • Screenshot
    • Sketch
    • Manta-ray-like flying monster
    • Spawns at high altitudes
    • Attracted to insomnia: seeks out players who haven’t slept for many days, swoops down in groups and bites
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    • ★★★★★★

    Coral reefs! I love this , as it was planned along with *actual* fish by Notch ages ago.

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    • ★★★★★★

    ’bout time they sorted out the oceans

    Might this actually be a decent update by microsoft? Lets hope so

    Also, ship wrecks – we got enough on here haha

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    • ★★★★

    this actually looks great!

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    I feel that @godsdead and the build team, and perhaps some helpers, might need to build some reefs.

    I don’t really care about the Dolphins as much, but atleast the ocean will become more vibrant than it was. I could also see people setting up marine reserves or something, do the fish (and dolphins) also just spawn naturally around coral? or would they need to be spawned in or something, as the sea could also become incredibly silent quickly.

    The trident looks cool also, perhaps it could be the entity for the torpedos? Not sure also if they’re going to be common and overpowered, but atleast the Olympics can have a javelin event of sorts now.


    • “Mob B attracted by insomnia”

    We’re going to have a problem on our hands, considering everyone on the server’s sleep patterns are out of wack.

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    • ★★★

    We have plans regarding the reefs when this update is released. No manual building needed. Excited for this update.

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    • ★★★★★★

    *calls it aquatic update- doesnt add sharks*

    haha anyway i hope this is actually a meaningful update and the mobs will actually be good and not just created to sell plushies (COUGH PARROTS COUGH).

    only sad thing is right now our server wont have any of the tropical oceans or frozen oceans, since regenning our current oceans are just normal oceans, we’d have to extend the world border to get those litty tropical fishes 😛

    those new enchantments for tridents are funny, and i wonder whats gonna happen with those swimming animations 😛


    (plus there should be a new enchantment called “Spearfishing” if u could manage to kill one of the new fish with a trident haha)



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    • ★★★★★★★★

    *calls it aquatic update- doesnt add sharks*

    we will have to find a way to make dolphins eat people, as the sea is missing a predator, and a squid just wont cut it as a hostile mob!

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    we will have to find a way to make dolphins eat people, as the sea is missing a predator, and a squid just wont cut it as a hostile mob!

    But Godsy, the sea already has predators, and its the hostile crews on PirateCraft.


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