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    Current Username: MelonIsNotAFruit
    Username when banned: MelonIsNotAFruit
    UUID: ed693f0c-bf5f-4b4f-acf2-31d75cdcacfd
    Your punishment tracker link:
    Banned By: Survival

    Hi. Today I am writing on my recent ban for “Extorting players to pay real money to obtain in game ranks and extorting brand new donators out of all their items causing chargebacks”. So first off im going to explain what actually happened, as my ban reason doesn’t reflect it. I had checked map and seen them near spawn, so i decided to go raid them. I pearl spam almost all of the way there, but before i follow through with the raid I ask if they want to buy me captain rank in exchange for god sets as I’ve been asking around to see if anyone will do it for me. They respectfully decline, so I decide to follow through with the raid. There house is made out of cobblestone and has wood buttons, and all of their chests are unlocked so I take their valuables. Once the siege ends I offer them their items back for money. They pay me 2.5k, and I do not return the items scamming them. I try to scam for the rest a few more times without success, they were pretty smart lol, and am told to leave by lazy through discord. I get off for the night, and then come back the next day just to be banned. I don’t really understand this ban, as everything I did was legal. I understand this incident charged chargebacks, which of course was not my intention, and I’m sorry this happened, but I was just raiding as normal. I believe the first sentence of my ban “Extorting players to pay real money to obtain in game ranks” is based on miscommunication, as this did not happen. I had only asked beforehand if they were interested in buying cap rank for me in exchange for god sets. And the second part of my ban “extorting brand new donators out of all their items causing chargebacks”, I was just scamming them to get their money, which is legal. I’m sorry that they decided to chargeback it never crossed my mind that this might happen, but everything I did was legal I didn’t break any rules. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day :D.

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    It’s fun to have you around sometimes but even if that wasn’t the true reason you were banned I’m sure your toxicity played a role in it too

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    Yeah all this time we are told that piratecraft is about siegeing,raiding, scamming and pvping. Ive seen endless amounts of people get scammed, and the scammer never gets banned. People constantly go into the forums and complain, you know what people say back?  “Welcome to PirateCraft!”. All i gotta say is if you get scammed or raided WELCOME TO PIRATECRAFT!

    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

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    Ok Leon

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    My point exactly, I wasn’t right for that but you’re fighting fire with fire instead of trying to be mature, you won’t be getting unbanned

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    Whats the point of thise 2 screenshot?


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    You were TEMP banned, you have appealed not even 2 days after your temp ban, before we get onto current events, lets recap:

    1. 7 Previous bans
    2. 13 previous mutes
    3. 3 warnings

    23 second chances already, each one is a warning to stop what you are doing, you have refused 23 times and continued.

    Most recent action:

    You have been extorting people to pay for your captain ranks, you have been targeting donators directly after they donate to steal their items, you have been bribing people in-game items for paid ranks, I cant allow this as most recently when you did this the contributor charged back specifically because of your actions.

    So you are aware I have read over the entire chat log between you and the player, before issuing your TEMPORARY BAN.


    1. You target new donators to steal their items/money. – Highly immoral, this is not covered under “scam” as you so put it, if there are no contributors there is no PirateCraft, if you are reading this and you are not Melon they are trying to drive away Contributors from the server.
    2. You have been extorting people to pay real money for paying for your captain rank, which is so extremely sketchy as it it.
      Because of you doing this I have been accused personally that I’m working “with you” in some way to steal peoples money! This alone is absolutely disgusting that you are doing this, I’m not sure if this is what you are telling people or what they are just assuming. Honestly this should be permanent ban just for this, people have been banned for advertising/xray, this is insane.
    3. Rule 4 literally says “Do not sell in-game items for IRL money.” So offering gear in-game for a rank is exactly this, looking over your buycraft history its all other people paying, and I have had people report you doing this recently with your temp ban.
    4. For all I know you could own this alt and have engineered this situation.

    All 4 of those points should be a perm ban, your existing 23 chances should be a perm ban, I have no idea why you are still allowed to play on my server.

    I have passed this onto the moderation team for a vote, so this is entirely unbiased.

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    You killing/looting players is the nature of PirateCraft.
    You attacking a deckie that just donated is quite a lowball, taking all of his just-acquired items.

    Asking for irl-money for in-game items clearly goes against rule #4 (as Gods already pointed out).
    Together with your rudeness toward other player we feel it is best for you to sit out your remaining tempban. Look at the attached screenshot of your words to UkaiNejasaki after he didn’t buy into your scam. I mean you already had all his money and all his items. Why be so rude ??

    You treating other fellow pirates/non-pirates that way, will only drive them off the server as it seems overly aggressive and outright toxic ( check rule #1a ).
    Not sure if you noticed, but we are trying to retain players and grow the base.



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