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    I joined in late 2015 and set up near /warp North. You can still actually find my original base at about 182, -4000. I made some friends that also set up around there, a notable example being InventorJohn who built a neat town around the area. I was broke and constantly being attacked since I was so close to a warp, so I moved further North and decided I would get my “revenge” by attacking people myself. I wasn’t going to retaliate against the people that attacked me, no I certainly wasn’t strong enough to do that. Instead I just ran around and bullied newer crews that didn’t even know how to make a siegeproof base. 10/10 so cool and macho.

    In the North I made a crew called TRU, which meant TRUe pirates. Me and this dude Pedro just kinda killed stuff. Eventually my itch for building got the better of me and I build a big wall around an area near our northern bases (I think I was inspired by that time’s election cycle) and created a town known as Cubigran. I made friends with the British Empire and even had a house in their town Canada. Things were in a golden age, I had great people in my town like Jbone_Capone, Remus316, and ArtificialDemon (who apparently banned himself last year?). We were straight chilling. Then I got banned for using xRay out of greed.


    About 4 years later I evolved and reformed and was thankfully allowed to return. Now I’m building Cubigran 2: Electric Boogaloo right next to the ruins of the old one.

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    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

    grimes harrington
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    I still don’t have any pirates. Can I join? Nickname: Tunnel Rush

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