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    Current Username: DwarfInc
    Username when banned: Tsar_Maxim
    UUID: 89bf291d-4036-405f-a7d2-14511105ba7c
    Your punishment tracker link: (Literally Cant find it. Tried everything)
    Banned By: (Forgot. Cant find the staff member)

    Unban Appeal: I know and understand that what I did was wrong. It was almost a year ago and I regret it. I understand how it can ruin the economy and X-raying can cause the economy to collapse by an influx of diamonds and other rare resources. The servers economy should not be tampered like this even if it is to gain a couple hundred dollars. I apologize for what I have done and I understand that you don’t have to let me back in but I ask you kindly and respectfully for another chance. (PS. After I got banned I realize that this community is as great as it gets. No other server with move craft and cannons and gates and the amount of history from the unwiped map. Hope I can get back on after a while)

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    You have served your punishment for xraying. However when looking at your punishment tracker and my notes you have also a handfull of punishments for racism. It is my hope you also have left this behind, you will be given a chance more. However if you still come with the racism remarks you will be gone permantly. So dont screw that up!



    But with that said:

    Welcome back, remeber to read the rules when joining again

    Appeal Accepted


    Lord of The British Empire

    "Don't piss off a scout, we know places where no-one will find you"

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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