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    I was trying to rewrite an old crew guide that’s 14 pages, to make it more accurate. When I’m almost at the end writing it. I get kicked from the server saying that the book is too large.

    Could you change the book size in the server to make them larger?


    (Okay this is probably in the wrong topic)

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    You shouldn’t need to write a book, you can write a PirateCraft wikipedia page if you’d like for your crew use (or one of many alternative guides) and use /wiki (Your guide’s name). That way you can access it without requiring a book, and if you have a “library” you can just list on the signs commands to do to bring up scriptures which are stored on wiki.

    If you need any help with the wiki, I don’t mind lending a hand. I just think this would be simpler and easier to edit if you do it this way as this is an already provided plugin on the server.


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    Thank you. I appreciate it.

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    I always found it more interesting to have a crew member hand you a book…

    Sort of like BE’s old passports, or the Elves’, or such.


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    Sadly there is a hard-coded book page limit due to a pretty drastic bug that players can perform, the page limit prevents this bug happening.

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