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    Hello all, mafia is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting the very first player hosted tournament on the server. We’re aware that nothing like this has been done before and therefore there may be some hiccups but hopefully things will go smooth. Without further ado, let’s get into it:


    Entry Fee: 


    Each participant is required to pay 8 diamond blocks. You won’t be added to the tournament until your fee is paid.




    The date still has yet to be destined, it’ll be decided once there’s enough participants, it’ll be probably on May 16th at 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT / 7PM GMT +1.


    The 1vs1 Tournament:


    Each match will consist of 3 rounds, the first player to win 2 rounds wins the match. At the end of each round the winner will have to give back his opponent’s gear. It is your own responsibility to to have the pots you will need for the entirety of the tournament, each participant will get access to a room where he can store up to 8 chests worth of potions and XP bottles to fix armour in-between rounds. If you run out of pots too early no worries, there’ll be [buy] signs in the arena where participants can buy potions to refill. Everyone will get /accesstrust in the closed arena so pearling is possible.



    – No fighting each other in the stands.

    – No event weapons.

    – Rounds will not be repeated due to lag.

    – Any broken armour/gear won’t be replaced

    – Only normal arrows are to be used.

    – The only pots allowed into the Colosseum are regeneration, strength, health, swiftness, and fire resistance (NO DEBUFFS).

    – Each fight you can use your inventory of potions and nothing else, you may refill in-between fights.

    – No Knockback II swords.

    – 1 stack of pearls max per round. Don’t worry we’ll keep an eye on you filthy rule breaker.

    – No golden apples of any sort allowed.


    The Kit:


    The recommended kit consists of:


    – A maxed out diamond set (Protection IV, Unbreaking III)

    – 16 Pearls

    – A maxed out diamond sword (Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II).

    – A stack of food of your choice

    – 4 Strenght and Swiftness pots, 1 Fire Resistance, Healing potions.


    It should look like this



    The Prize: 


    1 Renamed Maxed out Diamond Set

    1 Renamed Maxed out Diamond Sword

    1 Infinity Mending Bow


    Participants (will be updated as people pay their fee):

    – GoldenMoneyz

    – Official_Xerphon

    – Khanye

    – RoMich02/Murubutu

    – grafando

    – Zackbacon



    Mafia members are not allowed to participate.

    /msg Nationalistic (Nationalistic#6374) or Simbud (Simbad#9839) either in-game or on Discord if you want to participate!



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    The tournament will be postponed to next week (same day same time) as not enough people have signed up, if any of the current participants wish to get refunded feel free to hit my DMs on Discord.

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    Yeah hi,

    Due to a death in the family, and the funeral occupying my Friday and most of the weekend, I will not be able to participate in the coming pvp-tournament. As much as it pains me to dispense of the first-time sanguine fun I promise myself from this event, family comes first. Unfortunate timing compells me to politely ask you, Nationalistic for a refund. I would ask for postponement first, however seeing this already is a postponement-date and my knowledge of  the involved looking forward to the fight with exalted impatience, I could not possibly expect each participant to wait another week, only to have me rival their chances at winning. So with that I bid farewell and good luck to anyone brave enough to enter. May this become a success so as to allow much more of this to occur in the future. It is at this time, I would like to personally thank and congratulate Flea for taking initiative in starting this sort of thing. Undoubtedly this was missing from many of our pmc-lives and the players here make an event like this one, all the more special. However I can also imagine the amount of work that goes into an event like this one, and wouldn‘t mind, if other players so wish, to host an event like this myself so Mafia players also have a chance to participate. If not, then… oh well.


    Keep me posted and please don’t forget to announce the winner here on the forum. Best of skill to you all.

    • Topics: 10
    • Replies: 91
    • Total: 101
    • ★★★★

    I will not be able to participate in the coming pvp-tournament.

    No worries, you’ll be refunded, sorry for your loss.

    The tournament is canceled due to lack of people participating, I’ll refund all the people who signed up.

    Best worldwide pvper

    Ganking noobs since 1876

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