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    Howdy everyone,

    If you’re reading this, you may be interested in applying for a position on the buildteam. If you are accepted to the buildteam, expect a trial period before moving on to working on actual server projects. Additionally, expect to work for a minimum of several hours a week once being assigned a role.

    We are looking for talented builders, terraformers, custom organic builders, and ship builders. If you are interested, please apply!

    Roles of a Craftsman

    1. Must be a talented builder; being able to creatively come up with builds, yet follow a base style that the Housewright has assigned. Skills in fantasy/medieval styles are a must. We are not looking for people who can build modern houses and/or skyscrapers.
    2. Must be willing to work as a team and take orders.
    3. Be able to communicate on Teamspeak/Discord voice chat. Context gets lost in text, and working fast in teams is easier with voice communication.
    4. Must be willing to finish build projects on deadlines that have been assigned.
    5. Sufficient knowledge of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper is preferred, but not necessary when starting the job. You must be willing to learn how to operate them, however.
    6. Being active is a must. We are not looking for people who apply, build for a week, and then drop off the face of the earth.

    How Do I apply?
    Please apply through this link:


    If we are interested in you, we will contact you through one of the contact methods supplied.

    What Perks Do I Gain If I Become a Craftsman?
    If this is what you thought of when you saw this post, you are not who we are looking for. Do not apply.


    - Buildy Squad Leader
    - Governor of Vendigroth
    - Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    - Former Minister of Justice of the British Empire
    - Current Lord of the British Empire
    - Member of the Conservative Party in the BE Government

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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